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Neo Turf Masters - May 10, '01 by D@Z
Game:Neo Turf MastersCompany:Nazca

I am a big fan of great arcade sports games and this one falls nicely into that catagory. There is not that many great arcade golf games emulated and this one is probably the best yet. Also known as Big tournament golf,Turf Masters has everything you expect from a great golf game.
First to decide is which playing mode you want to play in,there are two modes to choose from, matchplay or strokeplay. Matchplay is where 2 players go head to head on each hole and who ever has the least amounts of shots wins that hole,the final winner is the one who wins the most holes out of the 18. Play in stokeplay mode and your up agains everyone, the idea is to get under the set par on each hole to gain places in the leaderboard,1 under the par is a birdie,2 under is a eagle and 3 under (very rare) is an albatross, go over the par and its bogey time,no its got nothing to do with that horrible green slim you find up your nose ;-).1 over par is a bogey,2 over and its a double bogey and 3 over and its the dredded triple bogey.The winner is the one who is most under par for the whole 18 holes.
Next to choose your player, there are 6 to pick from, each from different countries (The German is the best for me) and all have different strengths and weaknesses in 5 catagories,which are driving,accuracy,skill,recovery and putting,each scores a mark out of 5.
When your have picked your player you have to select your course to play on. There are 4 courses to choose from,Germany,Japan,U.S.A and Australia,each including different challenges,from water hazards,bunkers to rocks and wind.

Now you are ready to start playing,you will be told how long the hole is from the tee and the set par for that hole.Line up your shot with left/right controls taking the wind into consideration. On the bottom bar in the game it tells you how long the current club selected will hit the ball,you can change the clubs using the up/down controls,on the right is the power and height meter,stop the power meter at 100% with a 8 iron and it will go about 150 yards depending on the wind,hit it at 50% and it will go half the distance,simple ! There is also a height meter to get you out of some tricky situations.Hit it high or low to miss those trees and other obstacles or hit it dead in the middle for that extra distance.
Try to hit it on the fairway all the way to the flag,if you find yourself landing in rough and heavy rough or even sand you will be pulling your hair out trying to make par (no wonder I`m bald),club selection and power is important here. The worst shots are the ones that go plop in the water or land out of bounds as you will loose one shot instantly.

After you have got plenty of practice with the controls you can start playing with hook and slice. Hook will bend your ball left and slice it and it will go to the right,these are very handy if you are stuck behind a tree,because you have to aim away from your target and these options will bend it back in line for you. When you have reached the green its time to get your putter out.Look which way the grain is running and then aim accordingly,hit the white mark on the power meter if the green is level,if its up hill hit it one or two sections harder and hit it under for downhill shots.

There are also some credit bonuses to get for the longest drive and nearest the pin competitions. The emulation of turf masters is pretty good,Mame runs this game great on my 933 pentium,Neorage will run it faster than mame if you are lacking with processor speed but it has a few minor graphics problems but not serious.Oh and don`t forget to have a spare jumper with you when you play this game in case you get a hole in one, hehe... bad joke.

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