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- Nam 1975 -




Nam 1975 by BMan2

Nam 1975 was the game presented to to the minions as the first game "emulated" on the Neogeo system. It heralded a whole new stage of emulation - and brought many new people into the emulation fray. However, these people must've been latching onto a concept - and not a game - because Nam 1975 does nothing to impress the gamers of the world.
Games such as Cabal and Blood Bros introduced the gamer to the "crosshair shooter" style of game - and carried it off very well - hence the popularity of the genre. The control system worked well - being able to control the fighter AND the crosshairs with a joystick and three buttons - and the scenarios were well presented - and always entertaining. And although the concept of one man versus the entire enemy forces is a ridiculous one - these games had just the right mix of difficulty and challenge - to keep the interest high in the game.
Nam 1975 picks up this genre - and mangles it into a truly horrible gaming experience. The graphics are choppy, the gameplay scenario is too unbelieveable to be true (even though it supposedly SET in Nam) and their modification to the control system makes it a real tangle of moves to achieve the desired result.
The graphics of Nam 1975 are dark and sparsely drawn - setting a mood for the theme of the game. However, soon into playing the game, you notice that the animation frames are quite choppy - often making the characters jerk into place. Also, an annoying feature is the collision detection - being WAY too sensitive for your crosshair - yet extraordinarily general for the player. A ploy to make the game harder? Maybe - but the majority of gamers will find it plain annoying rather than challenging.
Gameplay is also rather incredulous in Nam 1975. Your enemies seem to stand and look at you on screen or an inordinate amount of time - which makes it all the better for you - giving you time to line up your shot. >From a gaming perspective though - it further downgrades the feel of this shooter - giving the impression you're fighting against programmed robots - and pretty dumb ones at that. However, don't get the impression this game is easy. As the game progresses - the action becomes faster and furious - meaning that the bullet count on screen gets progressively higher and higher. Adding to this, some of the end level bosses take an inordinate time to kill - almost too long in fact.
The control system of Nam 1975 is clumsy - the designers replacing the standard 'C Button = Roll' command with a Run/Roll option .. depending on which way you hold the joystick. Maybe I'm being picky, but my first impressions tend to suit me pretty well - and my first thought was that "Why do I need an OPTION to run??" Hell, if it was me in the war - I'd be running all the damn time. Minor gripe, granted. However, it is the forcing of the player to change direction and pull DOWN on the joystick that I found most annoying - and users of gamepads will find themselves wrenching their fingers in and out of position - as it is a much used command. Stick with what is tried and true I say.
So is there anything good to say about Nam 1975. Well, the cut-scenes that pop up while fighting are fairly well drawn - and do help to explain the flow of events as you go on - a nice bit of eye candy in the middle of battle. However, other than this (and without being able to test sound) - Nam 1975 suffers badly. If you're into this style of game - give it a try - but in my opinion - go out and play Cabal or Blood Bros. Both games are MUCH better examples of the genre - and will certainly keep you entertained than this will.
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