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- Operation Wolf -




Operation Wolf by Maddog
Game:Operation WolfCompany:Taito

Have you ever dreamed of joining the Special Forces but could n't stand the hard discipline?Well,this one is maybe your second chance to get into the hot action!Don your military boots,grab LOTS of ammo and follow me,please... Your mission,soldier,is to infiltrate enemy lines,find a concentration camp and return the hostages there safely home.No,don't give me the airborne and artillery support crap,Operation Wolf is a mission for a lone wolf,a man brave and tough enough for the job.This man is YOU!You alone must get past six stages packed with enemies,free the hostages and escape safely.The enemy has many troops,mechanized armor,helicopters and boats,all really intent on making this your last mission.You begin with some magazines of ammo and a few rocket bombs, but along the way you 'll find more of them,plus the occasional power drink (to restore some precious energy),dynamite (kills anything on screen) and super machine gun (blast 'em to your hearts' content with unlimited ammo for awhile!).During your mission,avoid shooting any civilians or hostages,it's bad for your reputation AND health!Success in this mission will grant you a medal of honor,plus a restart on a harder mission.
Operation Wolf dates back to 1987,but is graceful even today. Graphics are very big and colorful.The backgrounds are atmospheric, giving you a good feel of a mission in the jungle and the guerilla camp.The scrolling and animation are fine,too,a definite plus to the game.There are also some pretty cutscenes between stages.The sound qualities are very adequate,consisting of course mostly of shooting and death screams,but there's also some speech and other subtle details spicing up the game.But the thing that made the B I G difference on the arcade was the Uzi submachine gun mounted up front, which you used to fire directly on the screen (no crosshair or anything).As a method of control for the game it was great,adding much to the excitement and playability it delivered.At this point,I will testify a personal memory:I have also seen a version with a pistol instead of the Uzi.With this,being handheld and not mounted,you could fire very close to the screen,making the mission easier and your shots much more accurate.Yet,the authentic had an Uzi,as I said before...This control was a novelty back then and was the thing that made the game stand out mostly.
Essentially,the game was limited.Completion of the first mission was not an awfully hard task,but the second replay was insanely hard,so your coin would n't last very long,unless your abilities were those of a real commando!The lack of a continue option or a second player decrease somewhat the excitement,too.This one wanted a talented loner to do it justice...But what is the most pity is that necessarily the novel control system had to be dropped in the emulated version. Somehow,controlling a crosshair with the mouse is n't really the same thing :(
Despite this,Operation Wolf is even today an enjoyable game, that will have you taking more than one shot at it.Being emulated by Raine and only Raine,it won't require a super machine to get you in the hot action.Be careful though,sound support seems only halfway there.I have noticed some bugs in audio reproduction (in version 0.16a),with sound working only in some stages and some weird repeats in speech. Worse even,the bootleg crashes on me,despite working fine in 0.14!But don't let this put you off,the game is well worth playing...Take a look at it and...
Operation initiated.Rescue hostages...This wolf will cause some howls of excitement among gamers!
Play Control
Replay Value
1999 EmuViews