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Arm Wrestling by BMan2
Game:Arm WrestlingCompany:Nintendo

Work this one out - where in the world wold you get sore fingers from Arm Wrestling. Only at the arcade :P - well actually - only on your home PC - because I'm sure Nintendo's Arm Wrestling would've had a MUCH better control system than my KTX 103 key. Arm Wrestling is a novel, and cartoony attempt at bringing this much bashed sport into the cheap arcade thrill category.
And it succeeds remarkably well. After all, arcade gaming is about cheap, quick thrills right? - and how much more a quick pointless thrill can you get than arm wrestling? So oil up the arm and grip down hard - because after Arm Wrestling - I'll guarantee you'll have enough of a sweat to maybe consider that this IS a good game!
Does this game need to be explained? The idea is to push the others arm right to the bottom of the table. How do you achieve this? First, you must anticpate your opponent's "move" and counter it - letting you apply pressure on the arm - earning you special bonuses along the way. To add interest - some opponents need to be demasked - or even demagnified! There a re a few little bonus games to let you take a breather - but the action generally comes thick and fast.
Graphically, Arm Wrestling is quite crisp and clear - especially for one made in 1985. The cartoony animation is choppy - but then arm wrestling is a game of stages - so this doesn't affect the overall gameplay much. Sound plays an integral role in the game - allowing you to hear when your opponent makes that vital move. However, if you're looking for a symphony score to provide your music fix - go elsewhere. Because there IS no music - and honestly - I can only think that it would annoy the hell out of me if it WAS there.
But it's addictiveness you want - and boy - if you can stand the physical torture that just playing this game on a keyboard brings - you'll be challenging over and over again. To operate your man - you must furiously bash your left key to push your opponents arm down - while bashing your fire key to gain bonus points and power. Your power meter goes up and down according to the bonuses you've collected - along with the pressure your CPU opponent is placing on you. And don't finish off your opponent in the minute - and it's curtains for you. This factor alone - led me back for just that "one more go" - because you know you know better the second time around - don't you? To be honest, I don't know how many rounds this game has - as I only made it to round 5. And this was quite an achievement - because the game becomes exponentially harder as you progress through the first "victim" - to guys who head butt you - and robots that electrocute you.
Overall, this game is wonderfuly treated - and is worth a look for those who still believe that arcade gaming is about short sharp and precise fun. If you can still find an old arcade machine of this - good luck - I've never seen it anywhere in Australia - but kudos if you do. In the meantime - oil up the cursor keys and get bashing!
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Replay Value
1999 EmuViews