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- Final Fight -




Final Fight by Maddog
Game:Final FightCompany:Capcom

Final Fight...this is surely a very self-confident title :) This is one classic beat 'em up game nonetheless,so lets see if it is really a fight to end all fights,as its' title claims! Metro City is not a very good place to live.The Mad Gears gang has almost taken the city up and are involved in all kinds of criminal activities.The only one to resist is newly-elected mayor,Mike Haggar. To convince him,the gang kidnapps Jessica,his beloved daughter.But, since he's not any kind of a wimp,he sets off to punish the villains and take Jessica back,with the help of two friends,Guy and Cody.All for the woman,one might say... ;) Basically,this plot sets up a classic scrolling fighting game.Hordes of enemy gangsters are on your way through the six stages of the game and you must take them all with your bare fists (or with the help of items,such as knives,swords and pipes). There are also a couple of bonus stages,involving mindless breakage of innocent objects and some nice cutscenes PLUS some very hard battles with some boss gangsters of the most vicious kind.Should you succeed, Jessica is freed and falls into...whose arms?Remember,there are two boys after her.Who is the lucky one?Just play the game and find out yourself!
Final Fight continues where Double Dragon left off.Graphics in this game left me with mixed feelings.While backdrops are nice,the game is fast and there are some very special effects (like in the subway, where the whole screen vibrates to successfully give the impression of actually being inside a train),animation could certainly do with some more frames and sometimes the load of sprites is so big that the picture becomes chaotic.Sound,on the other hand is fine.Effects are good and decidedly brutal (cries,breaking stuff,lashes with weapons etc.) and there's also some nice music on the background.A little problem is,you won't have time to admire any of those.The action in this baby is HOT and with six long stages won't finish in a few minutes.Luckily,there's some variety in the enemies,so you won't find yourself facing the same couple of guys all through the game.The option of a second player joining in at any time is welcome and yes,you CAN beat up each other if you don't mind your moves!
So far,so good,but a couple of complaints lower the value of the game.The action is hot,yes,but sometimes even the most hardened fighter will be overwhelmed.Some batches of enemies are 5-6 toghether and some of the bosses are incredibly hard,so you'll end up doing continue after continue.Good,then,that now credits are free! :) Luckily,the initial difficulty level is more towards normal,so you'll get some amount of play on the first credit.But who wants to see the same things over and over?Later levels will remain inaccessible for the most,if the one credit approach is preferred.Moves are somewhat limited,too and only a couple of them seem effective enough to be worth performing.Finally,the lifespan of the game is limited.Limitations of the theme,mean that once you finish it (or get stuck somewhere...),you won't come back to it much.
The game is emulated by Callus and MAME.My advice is to use Callus.Sardu has somehow made a brilliant emulation,with few or no problems in graphs/sound departments and at a blazing speed,too!Even slow Pentiums give a very decent performance,so almost everyone can enjoy this game.
So,is Final Fight as good as the title suggests?At the time (1989) it was very good and I recall spending lots on it.But the years have touched it somewhat...Still,it's not a bad game at all and if it's your style of game you will enjoy it.So,people,will you let a damsel in distress alone?Certainly not,eh?!
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Replay Value
1999 EmuViews