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Bubble Bobble by BMan2
Game:Bubble BobbleCompany:Taito

Ladies and gentlemen - a brand new attraction for your gaming delight. Here - we bring the two reviewers BMan2 and Maddog head to head in reviewing battle as they cast their eagle eye over the classic platformer Bubble Bobble from Taito. This is a very popular game series which started back in 1986, which inspired the also popular Puzzle Bobble. Let's start this ReView BMan2's opinion.


Awwwwww, isn't it sweet - there's some dinosaurs and they're blowing itty bitty bubbles. Ladies and gentlemen, put your fingers down your throat in readiness - because Puzzle Bobble is the game so cute it'll make you wretch.
Now Puzzle Bobble IS a classic game - it was an original idea and as previously stated - it's as cute as hell - with appropriate graphics and sound to match. However - in my way of thinking - it is a VERY determined gamer that wades his/her way through 100 levels of dinosaur bubble popping. Why - I hear you scream? Well - because I like to remember games as they were in their arcade form - and it's either a good player - or a rich as hell person that can beat 100 levels of bubble popping mayhem in the arcade.
Graphically, what can I say - functional and cute - the backgrounds are tile based - and a little bit sloppy at times. However - the sprites are fairly well drawn and nicely animated - if not a lot a tiny bit on the blocky side. However - this doesn't detract from the gameplay - and this can only be shown by the fact that the C64 conversion of this game was as good as any you'll see (possibly better than PC one!) Sonically, well, goddamn it - it's CUTE! Break out the glockenspeils and the chimes - no music with gusto here folks - as you prance your way through the levels - the music tinkles along appropriately. Sound effects are quite good, with booms and crashes and pops everywhere you need them.
But what is a game without gameplay - and Bubble Bobble is RENOWNED for it's addictiveness - and granted - play this game for a while - and you'll be hooked in figuring out just where to stand on that tight level to get every one of the nasties to come to a watery grave! However - I have a personal objection making someone do it 100 times - and some of these levels are just TOTALLY trial and error. A person SHOULD be able to finish a game on one credit - albeit with extreme difficulty - and this game passes this test by the skin of it's - well - scales! If you're sensible - you'll grab a second player to join in the fun - as you get NO more enemies to fight - as is want with other two player siultaneous games - and this eases up the burden of baddies on you.
Overall, Bubble Bobble will always remain a classic game - if only for the legacy it created in it's sequels and spinoffs (of which Puzzle Bobble is a standout IMO!) However, while fun for the first 30-40 levels - it will grate - it will get repetitive - and DAMN hard. Enjoy it while you can!


A game with more bubbles than any foam bath, Bubble Bobble is a legendary all time classic, with millions of variations and follow-ups. It oozes with playability even after twelve years of service (1986!)
This is probably a game almost everybody is familiar with... guide your little dragon, Bub or Bob through 100 devious levels, trapping your enemies inside bubbles,getting various goodies,jumping all around and generally having great fun. Two-player mode is even more fun and somewhat easier too! Some hidden levels and extras are an additional incentive to keep on playing...
This is a typical example of a game not based on sound and/or graphics to impress the player. Both these are cutesy and functional, but nothing to write home about. Don't forget though, that the main character is one of the most classic game sprites - ever! Sound has all the necessary flops, boings, pons etc. and a good initial background tune - which will probably get on your nerves soon, as it is rather repetitive. What makes this game really take off, is the playability and fun of it! For some weird reason, the whole concept is very enjoyable and you keep coming back, trying to pass some more levels with every new try. With the number of them, you probably will keep playing for a looong time...
Worst groans about Bubble Bobble are the difficulty of some of the levels (sometimes, there's only on or two good spots to stay on the screen, otherwise you're probably a goner...) and the bias against single players. Not only you have to face the same number of enemies alone, but you can't continue either! (A player is allowed to continue as long as the other player keeps playing, NOT after game over). Still, the game is very addictive and enjoyable and will allow some minutes of play for even the crappiest of players...
Bubble Bobble is emulated in MAME. Please note that only the bootlegs work. Otherwise emulation is fine and quite fast-at least for MAME ;) though you'll need a Soundblaster or similar card to enjoy full sound emulation. So, how do you fancy yourself immersed in a bubbly game? Not bad,I can assure you!

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