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- Legend of Success Joe -




Legend of Success Joe by BMan2
Game:Legend of Success JoeCompany:SNK

If there's one thing that Neogeo games are known for amongst the emu community - it's their relative enormity of rom size in comparison to the other 1100 roms supported by MAME. And size is good .... right?? In most cases - the affirmative TENDS to be right in some way or another - I mean - King Of Fighters 98 is the largest romset emulated - and it is probably one of the more loved games in the arcade fighting genre.
Legend of Success Joe is the smallest fighing game ever on neogeo ;)
Legend Of Success Joe weighs in at a measly 1.5 mg - an absolute pittance for a Neogeo game. So much so - that even on my measly connection - it's a mere 15 minutes away from the gaming experience.
But refer back to the inital comment - if big equals good .... then this game must oh so surely suck right??
it looks ugly and plays like sh!t
Yes folks - LOSJ - as it is commonly referred to - is poor quality in MOST senses of the word - and I'll quantify that later. The graphics are poor - with pixelly, blocky jerky movements insulting the graphics engine that powers the Neogeo. Sound rivals the top quality compositions that eminated from the oh so technological Pong - and control is like playing Defender with boxing gloves. It's bad bad bad bad bad BAD - so bad that :-
the guy who made that game was probably imprsoned somewhere in far east asia....and never heard from again.
Okay okay - I digress - no game is EVER that bad - but LOSJ is the sort of game that leads people to great extremes - on the surface it's a fairly slapdash shoddy production - that really seems like an embarassment to the system it's played on.
ugly ;) but I love it...
So hang on - what's the attraction. This game is in the topic of #neogeo more than the latest MAME binary release. People talk about making l33t sequels for it - and there's an offer bot in #neogeo giving it away (last used by 8 ppl!!) Why would you want such apparent shite like this - when there is SOOOOO much better stuff out there to entertain yourself with?
I think people are jealous of LOSJ because they can't realise what it would have been if it would have been a big hit, and in fact it could have been a big hit .. if they weren't any other games around.
In my opinion - this is human nature at it's best - after all - we all love an underdog - and up against the KOF/Fatal Fury series - LOSJ is about as under as you get. It represents early gaming trying to break through with a "new" concept - ie combining a fighting game with moves AND lateral movement. Not bad really - except the execution suffers. But I'l bet - there's not one person who doesn't give it a little bit of a bash every now and then - and hits continue JUST once - because let's face it - you DO need a break from the seven trillion super death combos that the complicated series of fighters we have now gives you.
I know it's not bang up to date or awesome like some NG games... I like it anyway
And that's exactly what LOSJ is - comic relief I guess - or just simplicity in the midst of a million complicated clones. Technically or coneceptually brilliant it isn't by any stretch of the imagination - but it certainly has caught the minds of many people - whether it be as in :-
If it was the only arcade game ever....I would still not play it!
or ...
Legend Of Success Joe rocks!
..... it's a game - and we should take it as just that.
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