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- Combat School -




Combat School by Maddog
Game:Combat SchoolCompany:Konami

Atteeeee-ntion soldier!Not a place for the faint-hearted,this school is here to sort the men from the little boys.If you have what it takes,then here's your chance to prove it...Gather your wits and follow your roaring instructor to the place of sweat and sorrow:Combat School!
What you have to do,as a rookie soldier in the school is to pass all the strength and stamina tests and prove you deserve a rank in the army's classes.When (if ever...) you make it,some mission surely awaits to let you prove your newly acquired skills in the real field. Now,lets take a step-by-step guide to these tests,courtesy of Sergeant Maddog...And,yes,his bite is even worse than his bark! :)
Well,soldier,upon entering the school,you must face the Assault Course:Run as fast as you can,jumping over walls of various heights.At the end of the course,there's a series of horizontal bars that you have to cross by hanging from your hands.Next,comes Firing Range I:Targets pop-up at various places on the screen and you have to gun down as many of them as you can.After that,comes the Iron Man race,which is basically an assault course with natural obstacles:rocks,water holes and even a river you have to cross with a canoe.After a well deserved break,you face Firing range II:Tanks come towards you in several different formations and you have to blow them up.Next,you have to arm wrestle with one of your comrades and then move on to Firing Range III, which is similar to Range I,only this time some of the targets have the picture of your instructor on them.Shooting one of those,results in your sights freezing for a while,wasting precious time.Failure will result in you being expelled from the School (aka:Game Over),unless it is a narrow one,in which case you get a second chance:Complete a number of lift-ups to avoid being thrown out.Complete all those tests successfully and you just can squeeze out some time for a cigarette, before taking the final test:A fight with your very own dreaded instructor!Beat him and you will have graciously graduated from the best military school around.Then,it's time for the real thing,as a secret mission awaits you,to prove you are really a member of the military elite!
Basically,the game is one of the usual button-bashers,requiring a very heavy duty keyboard/joystick to make any really good scores.It is dated back to 1988,but it plays well even today.Graphics are so-so, but the game is fast and you don't get much time to notice.Some nice cut-scenes serve well,too.Sound is pretty good,with lots of speech and decent effects and tunes.Gameplay is fast,simple and addictive,which makes it easy to explain why this game was one of the most eagerly awaited in the emulation scene.Necessarily,it is somewhat limited,so you probably won't come back to it for a very long time,as you will either complete it or get stuck in the later stages and give up, becoming bored of doing the same things over and over again.But,imho,it is good fun as long as it lasts and it gets even better in two-player mode.
Combat School is emulated by an obscure Spanish emulator,which I never got a chance to see in action-sorry for my ignorance ;) It became much more mainstream when it got added to the latest betas of MAME 0.35.The original doesn't work at all,but there's a working bootleg version.There are some observable glitches and it is obvious that the driver needs some polishing-up,but it plays rather decently anyway!
So,all you poor ignorant rookies out there,here's is your chance to join the army and prove you are REAL men!Remember the motto: "When the going gets tough,the tough gets going"...
Play Control
Replay Value
1999 EmuViews