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ZSnes Lives! - July 05,1999 by JoseQ
After more than half a year of no new releases from the ZSNES Front,a new version has been released. You may download any oftwo new versions from the Emulators Page. The authors request that you only use version0.900a if the plain version 0.900 doesn't work well foryou. The list of things that are new is quite extensive,but if you're really interested in reading through it,here it is, right from the whatsnew.txt file:

  • Fixed another sprite priority bug
  • HBlank is supposed to be noticed during VBlank
  • Fixed an IRQ bug that occured between v0.715 and v0.800
  • Fixed a 65816 DPage usage bug that occured between v0.715 and v0.800
  • Rewrote 65816 flag handling system.
  • Optimised SA
  • 1 emulation
  • Optimised the 65816 main loop.
  • Implemented Surround Sound. It is defaulted off since it seemsto create some bad static in some games. Thanks to Crono forinfo!
  • Wrote Interpolation in MMX. MMX cpu is required.
  • Implemented MMX auto
  • detection for MMX Interpolation and MMX Copy.
  • Fixed an 224HDMA line bug, thanks to Gary Henderson!
  • Optimised 320x240x16b and 640x480x16b for ARGB cards.
  • Removed Snow
  • Clock option is now visible to anyone. You can enable the in
  • gameclock through the GUI in Config
  • >Options.
  • Altered method of writing to file in Movie Recording mode, hopingthat it will fix some problems after recording movies for a longperiod of time.
  • Altered data alignment size in source
  • Fixed a VESA2 divide by 0 bug in Banshee cards by checking thescanline length instead of setting it immediately. Thanks toCrono for some help!
  • Altered sound echo volume
  • Added sound interpolation based on Crono's code.Thanks to Crono for his help!
  • Added an option to turn off sound interpolation for speed
  • Implemented Pitch Modulation, thanks goes to Gary Henderson forclarification info!
  • Implemented an option in the GUI (Config
  • >Options) to allow theFast Forward key to act as a toggle (disabled by default)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented high resolution to sometimes not displayin a 16bit video mode
  • Fixed a game stalling bug when pressing F3 during games that aresensitive to changes in the ENVX DSP register (Bomberman Series)
  • Added a hack for the graphic glitches in Dragon Quest 6
  • Fixed up in
  • game clock in the new gfx 16bit engine
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the ADSR engine. It was sometimes usingan incorrect decay value, causing the sound to stick insteadof fading out
  • Slightly fixed ADSR by completely skipping the attack stage whenthe attack duration is 0
  • Fixed a GAIN decrease
  • >increase bug
  • Implemented a safe recovery feature for those computers that don'tsupport the CPUID instruction (used for MMX detection). If ZSNEScrashes at the very start, just re
  • run it.
  • Fixed a fixed color dual windowing bug in the subscreen whichcaused transparency to sometimes shift unexpectedly when thebackground scrolls
  • Implemented 50% Scanlines (Lance McKay's idea) and 25%Scanlines (Similar to Snes9x TV
  • Mode's scanline intensity)in 640x480x65536 video mode. These modes don't work on videocardswith an ARGB setting yet.
  • Added MMX Support to 50% and 25% Scanlines modes
  • Implemented back buffer clear in MMX
  • .CHT files now saves to the proper save directory
  • Implemented the 2xSaI graphics engine (MMX Only). Many thanksto Kreed for this wonderful engine and source code!
  • Implemented Kreed's Super Eagle engine. Note that for both2xSaI and Super Eagle, you need an MMX processor, enough RAM forthe new gfx 16bit engine, and also be in 640x480x65536 video mode.
  • Implemented an option to auto
  • load a .cht file whenever a gameis loaded. You can find this option at the bottom of the CheatWindow in the GUI.
  • Optimised Non
  • MMX Interpolation
  • Fixed a bug that caused save states to not save correctly afterattempting to load a non
  • existing .cht file
  • Added a Quick SnapShot Key. You can set this key in theMisc
  • > GameKeys menu in the GUI. This key allows you to takea snapshot with just a press of a key.
  • Implemented .ZIP support. Thanks to Jean
  • loup Gailly, Mark Adler,and Gilles Vollant for the ZIP routines!
  • Fixed a bug where pressing PageUp/PageDown in the cheat windowwent over by 3 entries.
  • Implemented longer cheat descriptions. The cheat window and the.cht file format had to change a bit, however, ZSNES automaticallyconverts any old formats to the new formats when it detects it.
  • Allowed the IRQ to be executed more than once on the same linethrough HIRQ. Fixes the flickering problems of Doom/Offroad Baja.
  • NMI now executes at line 225 instead of 224.
  • Saving/Loading the state causing the control to stop or skip hasbeen fixed again.
  • .ZIP files can now be run from the commandline
  • Implemented an option for ZSNES to automatically save the save dataapprox. 5 seconds after it detects writes to it. This will notwork for SuperFX or SA
  • 1 special chip games, however. This optionis disabled by default and can be enabled through the option window.
  • Implemented an option in the sound window to re
  • initialize the soundcard after every 25
  • 30 seconds. Hopefully fixes the problems wherethe sound gets staticy after a certain amount of time.
  • Newest Save Slot will now appear as orange in the Save StateSelect (F3) window
  • Fixed a spc700 <
  • > 65816 sync bug during movie (.ZMV) playback
  • Implemented an option to enable Old Gfx Engine Mode 2 (Accessiblethrough the options window in the GUI). This mode fixes manytransparency problems in 16bit modes, but can also create someand is also at times slower than the original engine.
  • Implemented 640x480x65536 VESA 1.2 support. Currently supportsFull Scanlines and Smallscreen modes. However, it is stronglyrecommended that you only use VESA 1.2 support if your card cannotsupport VESA 2.0 (w/ linear framebuffer) since VESA 1.2 runs slower.
  • Implemented an option to disable Pitch Modulation
  • Sound card is now not re
  • initialized whenever a state is saved/loadedsince some sound cards seems to have problems with it.
  • Implemented Single Windowing in the New Gfx 8bit engine, 8x8and 16x16 tile modes only
  • Fixed 64k SRAM support when loaded from the GUI
  • Optimised high resolution new gfx modes in 640x480x256
  • Fixed the graphic glitches in x488 snes vertical resolution modesin 640x480x256 new gfx mode
  • Optimised 640x480x256 Eagle Engine
  • Fixed the GUI background display bug in the new gfx engine
  • Fixed .SPC capture in the new gfx engine
  • Added an option to start with the newest save state when the gameis loaded. It can be enabled in Config
  • >Options window in the GUI
  • Slightly optimised new gfx 8bit engine
  • Fixed several Mode 7 problems in the New Gfx 8bit engine
  • Changed DSP1 variables to use double instead of floats for a smallspeed increase. Thanks to Gary Henderson for this tip!
  • Fixed up the Mode 7 slowdown bug when the scale ratio becomes smallin most graphics modes
  • Optimised some Mode 7 transparency modes
  • Implemented EXTBG mode 7 into the newgfx 8bit engine
  • Fixed the 'FIX' feature in the cheat menu. Seems like it wasn'twriting any value to memory when it was clicked.
  • Game Genie codes are now defaulted to the 'FIX'ed mode. Seems likemost of the codes needs this.
  • Implemented windowing to Mode 7, New Gfx Engine 8bit
  • Added support for .SPC v0.2 format
  • Added an option in zsnes.cfg to disable configuration saving forthose who want to store zsnes.exe in a read
  • only storage area
  • Fixed GameKeys display in the GUI for certain keys (such as thesnes parallel adapter keys)
  • Implemented hi
  • res mode 7 (vertical expand only). Currently onlyworks in 640x480x256 newgfx engine (w/ Eagle and Scanlines disabled).
  • Fixed an offset per tile mode bug in the new gfx 8bit engine
  • Implemented dual windowing modes into the new gfx 8bit engine
  • New Gfx 8bit engine is now the default graphics engine in 256 colormodes. It still lacks sprite windowing and also has some spriteflicker issues, but it's overall more stable, faster, and hasmore features. You can still switch back to the old gfx engine bypressing '8'.
  • Looks like Pitch Modulation was causing more sound problems thanwhat it's worth. It's now disabled by default, but you can reenableit through the GUI.
  • Added auto save/load state feature where ZSNES will automaticallyloads back the previous state when you last properly exited ZSNES.This feature is disabled by default.
  • Compressed the executable using UPX


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