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Week In ReView - July 05,1999 by JoseQ
This edition of the Week In ReView has been written by 'anticupid' ofthe weekly Rumor ReView. I can point to you the listof articles that he describes in this article you will find most to your liking of course.This past week was kind of slow, and ended up with a holiday weekend which waspretty hectic for me, but nevertheless it was a definitely interesting week, butdon't let me spoil it for you. I leave you now with anticupid and hisWeek In ReView:
This past week got off to a slow start with most of the news coming onceagain from the SMS Power camp. They started off the week by releasing "GainGround" and then followed up with "Tensai Bakabon",a Japanese adventuregame. Wednesday brought us two games from SMS Power, "Chicago Syndicate" forGame Gear and the SMS conversion of "Populous". To close out the week we got"Forgotten Worlds", "Batman Returns", "Dragon Crystal" and "Woddy Pop".
Monday also brought an interview with Lev,the owner or Emulation World, andhost of many of the most popular emulation sites. If you are the type ofperson that finds it interesting to read about how people got involved inthe emulation scene be sure to check this interview out.
The Qman reward the faithful visitors on Tuesday by adding some NeoGeo romsto his already overflowing rom download section. While these roms might notbe the ones you are looking for they are allowing JoseQ to run load testsand see if he can offer up some of the more hefty ones.
Tuesday also brought us two Nintendo 64 emulators that play commercialgames. Yeah you heard right, two emulators came out that day, Nemu 64 0.5and Nemu 64 0.5a. The second version added support for roms that had beenmodified using Fliprom.
Wednesday was a really slow news day, and if not for the release of Meka0.20 for non-registered users the only news of the day would have been theSMS Power releases. For those that haven't already heard Meka emulates manyof the early Sega consoles including the Master System and Game Gear. Isuggest checking it out so you can try out some of the great releases comingfrom SMS Power.
Canada Day started off with a new question being posted on The Views. Thequestion surrounds the controversy over unofficial builds of MAME beingcomplied and circulated. The current trend there seems to be that peoplewant those builds but only when MAME is not in release candidate state.
We also got some long waited news Thursday that "Mario RPG" would soon beplayable in Snes9x. I was not heavily interested in the console scene backwhen this game first was around but that doesn't stop me from being excitedsince there has been a lot of talk in the emulation scene about this gamewith more than a few people waiting for it.
And what would Canada Day be without a little Raine, so we got news onThursday that Raine has added two new games. The first game is "ChampionshipWrestling" which I am sure will be of interest to all the Wrestlefest fansthe follow Raine even though it doesn't feature the big star names. Theother game being added is "Knuckle Bash" which looks like a beat-em up,which should appeal to that group of people.
After much celebrating on Thursday I begrudgingly dragged myself into workon Friday but when I came home there was joyous news that a new version ofSNEeSe has been released. This version adds numerous fixes to the previousversions. I find it exciting the work still continues on emulators for oldconsoles like the Super Nintendo since there is still lots of room forimprovement.
Friday also saw the appearance of the Rumor Mill, which is better to havelate than not at all. In echoing the scene of late this is a rather lightRumor Mill but has some kill content in the little it contains.
I have never seen JoseQ get so excited as he was on Friday after hearing"Wonder Boy in Monster Land" finally has the correct sound in MAME. I guessthis is another game I will be checking out in the near future as someonegetting that excited over it must mean it has a few merits.
Seems everyone was busy on Saturday celebrating their national holidays sonot much happened news wise. There was however one item posted about JustFor Fun (JFF) version 0.23 being released and adding support for "RadAction", "Argus" and "Omega Fighter".
Independence Day got off to an explosive start with the release of the longawaited MAME 0.35 final. No new games were added this time around althoughthis release did including the "Wonder Boy in Monster Land" fix mentionedearly in this review. I would expect another release of MAME sometime thisweek considering there are a number of games that have been waiting for thisversion to get added in for the next beta cycle.
And what could be better than fireworks to bring Independence Day to aclose? Well how about the return of Romlist!!! The return of /ORG andARAcorn was marked by the release of "P47-Aces".
That's all that happened this past week. So buckle on up and get ready forthe ride in the week that's coming.

One Article Up: Rumor ReView
One Article Down: DGen 1.14!

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