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InterView with Jerremy Koot! - July 07,1999 by JoseQ
One of the most prominent SNES emulators around iswith no doubt, SNES9X. With DOS, Windows and many otherports available, it is the most widely available emulatorfor that platform. The main guy behind it, Jerremy Koothas been working for a long time on it, starting on aPentium 133 machine, working towards an emulator thatperforms quite nicely on today's machines. Get to knowJerremy and the reasons behind his Super NES emulatorin this latest InterView at EmuViews:

1. Care to introduce yourself and tell us how you first found out aboutemulation?
Well, I'm Jerremy Koot, working as a full-time Delphi Programmer... Istarted working on Snes9x a few years back because I wanted to prove to afriend that I could... And I mainly heard about emulation because I had aMSX in the early days, and was using an emulator to play a few games on myPC...

2. What was your first impression, and what did you like the most aboutit?
About emulation... Mostly the impression was, man I need a faster computer=)

3. What made you decide you wanted to code your own emulator?
AS I said, I wanted to prove to a friend that I could do something like thisand that it was possible with the hardware that was then available (P133)...And it was... Although a bit slow...

4. Why did you choose SNES as your target platform?
The friend that dared me to do this was a SNES coder....

5. What have you considered the major barriers in getting Snes9X toits current status?
You should talk to Gary about that... Mostly it's bug-fixing, most of thefeatures are there... Just not all of them are working as they should (seefor example the SuperFX emulation code)...

6. Do you feel there are still some barriers that you can still consideras being major?
No, not really.. But it's not something I'm busy with every day... The pastyear (almost two) I've mostly been busy with the Windows port... And I've letmost of the core coding (Snes9x itself) be done by Gary...

7. Do you think SNES will eventually be perfectly emulated? If so, howmuch time? months? years?
Perfect is a big word, what I think is that eventually (and I do not expectthat to take very long) most games will run on Snes9x... Some people havedone tests with 1000+ ROMS and measured that about 97% of all the gameswork... But perfect, no... Simply because the Snes is a crap console...Built from the cheapest parts available... Which aren't all that welldocumented...

8. What are the short term goals that sit atop the priority list ofthings to add to Snes9X?
Well, speaking in the terms of the windows version... Network support, makeit more stable and add features like a good cheat engine...

9. If you were to choose another platform to emulate, which one wouldyou choose?
Probably one that everybody now considers 'impossible'... Like the upcomingPlaystation 2 or the now available Dreamcast... Why, you ask... Simplybecause by the time the emulator is near 'perfect' the machines running itwill be twice (if not more) as fast as the current machines... And there'sstill no console which beats the high-end PC in performance... Although theycome a long way for less money...

10. Any words to the public?
If you ever want to write an emulator, do not write it for the hardware oftoday, write it for the hardware of tomorrow... Simply because your emulatorwon't be finished in one day... And by the time it is, the hardware will beready for it =)

Thanks to Jerremy for an awesomejob on his emulator, and for taking the time to answer a fewquestions for us. Luckily we will start seeing some ofthese features in Snes9X releases pretty soon. I'm speciallylooking forward to Network Play indeed. You may visit theSnes9X Home Page for the latest news and developments. Thanksfor reading!

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