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The Rumor Mill - July 07,1999 by JoseQ
Well, you've all come to love The Weekly Rumor Milland I'm not about to dissapoint you with delaying itany further. I know many of you would like to know somemore about that Williams DynaRec emulator, and maybe someinfo on things happening behind closed doors that mayimpact the way we see emulation today. So Rumors or not,it is time for me to let you in on the underground info.
First some tidbits many people have been asking meon the Neo Geo ROMs front. Rumor has it that the testinghas gone fairly well according to preliminary results.However, it has almost hit the limit with the currentlineup of Neo Geo games. This may mean that either no moregames are added, or that maybe they will be replacedby other games. I am really not a Neo Geo connosieur, sosuggestions are welcomed (nothing close to 1999 will beplaced there though).
Another set of interesting developments come fromthe actual arcade game industry. It seems that Capcom'sbet on the emulation world will not be the only one. ThingsI've heard might point to yet another player entering thelicensing of ROMs arena. And what I've really heard thatmakes the news the more exciting is that this player isquite big. What this could mean to emulation is reallyamazing in my opinion as it could trigger more and morecompanies to follow suit. To be able to reach our goal ofhaving emulation be unquestionably legal would meanNirvana for the scene.
And probably what you wanted to hear about was theDynaRec emulator that I've been touching base with duringthe last few Rumor Mills. Most people tend to think ofthis as vaporware and I just want to emphasize that it isnot. In fact, it is still being worked on, and more testinghas been done around close fronts. Another one of the mostfrequent questions people have asked me is if I know whenthe emulator will make it out. Unfortunately there is nodate slapped on it, and alls I can tell you is thatdevelopment is going slow, but still going. And perhapsthe definite most popular question is how fast will it run,and guys and gals, the most honest answer I can give to thatis that it is too early to give any statement on that.Very early results which are not hindered by the additionof user input code or sound emulation have amazed meto say the least. I can say, and this is solely my opinion,that you should expect to be able to run games likeSmashTV on a P2-300 full speed with sound and no troubles.However, that is still to be determined and don't quote meon that, it is barely slightly technical speculation, itshould be accurate enough though.
Unfortunately the usual players have been more quietthan usual. I haven't heard of any Raine reports, or evenHiVE appearances. Shark has made slight showings in thebeta pond but still no cigar when it comes to a release.However, if a release does show up, you can count on EmuViews to cover it. Thanks for reading!

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