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Week In ReView - July 12,1999 by JoseQ
Welcome once again to the one and only Week In ReView, where we recoup everything that has happened during thelast few days regarding emulation. As usual, here is yourList of Articles detailingall the News Titles for the last seven days of news. Itreally was an usual week, with nothing extraordinaryhappening, and of course, once again topped by as manySMS releases as you can imagine. So let's get on with it.
I'm going to regroup from where the last Week InReView left off. Since then, we got not only signs oflife, but a couple of releases from ZSNES! This wasvery unexpected, but this really brightened my week.The first release of the weekhappened on July 5, followed closely by one on July 7th and thelatest one, version 0.915 which came out on the 8th. Greatwork from those guys!
A rather quiet Retro Radiorelease happened early in the week. There wasn't muchannouncement done about it, and it wasn't a live showlike other recent shows.
Another unexpected release came from MAMEDEV itselfwith a MAME 0.35 Fix release whichprobably closed the 0.35 development cycle. This was aresult to postings in different boards and little bugsfound in the first attempt to a final release.
Well, and SMS Power takes a big chunk of the weeklynews with a whole bunch of releases, and here they arein no particular order: Laser Ghost, Summer Games, Drol, TazMania, Alien 3, Ecco The Dolphin, Ecco: Tides of Time, and Ninja Gaiden. The last threewere grouped on the same link since that was pretty mucheverything that happened during the weekend and theywere posted into the same article.
We also had three DGen releases. Version 1.14 came out on the5th, Version 1.15 came out on the6th and Version 1.16 came out onthe 9th coupling among them SRAM support, Raster Effects,andGame Genie support among other things.
The Rumor ReView made it on time once again thanksto anticupid. The Rumors have been coming awfully slow thesedays and I really have no good excuse why that is happeningbut to say that most stuff has been put on hold or slowprogress for a while... However, there were someinteresting bits at the Rumor Mill which you mightwant to check out if you missed them.
Another SNES emulator which has been getting steadyupdates is SNEeSe whichreleased version 0.27 last week.
I wrote a little something about EmuCamp which as of late has donequite a comeback with more regular updates that mostemulation sites out there. Something you definitelyhave to see to believe.
Some news were sent to me about Fellow, an Amiga emulatorwhich has reached beta stages and should be havinga release real soon. I must say that so far, it is lookingbetter than good.
One emulator which had been silent for a while wasNo Cash Gameboy which finallygot a new release last week. This had a few fixes hereand there, just to add to the fact that it runs fast ashell.
InterViews making a comeback to EmuViews with a littlequestion and answer session with none other than Jerremy Koot, author ofSnes9x, probably the most popular SNES emulator out theretoday.
A new question was posted at The Views covering a topic which is very interesting inmy opinion. Gaming tastes on the emulation community haveproved to be mostly around shoot'em'up games, whichactually came as a surprise for me. So far, that's whatthe poll has gathered. You may want to cast in your voteif you haven't already done so.
Some Snes9x newswere posted regarding the progress of the emulator andhow priorities would fluctuate affecting developmenttimes during the summer.
A new Back In Timeshow was posted late in the week which included aninterview with my friend, Larry Bank, famous for hisincredibly fast HiVE.
I also posted a little something about Banner Clicking when I wastold that someone had been clicking too many times on thebanners 'artificially inflating' results. That actuallyput one of my sponsor accounts under Review and hopefullyit will resolve soon.
Another console emulator showed up close to the endof the week, and it was Hu-Go 0.97, which addedthe Eagle Engine which I must say works wonders for some ofthe games out there. I've been seeing it recently withsome SNES games and it does help quite a bit, although itdoes change the feeling of the game a little bit. If you'relooking to get rid of some Nostalgia, then you will probablyturn it off.
And the last news bits of the week, came from the Raine guys adding two moregames to Raine. Nothing has been said about a release thusfar, but at least we're learning of games that we shouldexpect for when that happens.
Well that covers the events of this past week. Hopefullywe will see many exciting things happen this week. I'mcrossing my fingers hoping we get the first of the MAME 0.36betas this week, with support for some of those gamesBryan McPhail had been working on, and some others thathave been mentioned on the list. Also, more InterViews shouldbe showing up as the week unfolds. Thanks for reading!

One Article Up: MAME32 0.35 Final!
One Article Down: Two more for Raine!

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