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Week In ReView - July 20,1999 by JoseQ
A week without a Week In ReView? Not if I can help it.We had a slow past week but it got more than busy at theend pushing the ReView for a while. I had been previouslybusy with other things, but I finally got around toReView the Events of Last Week one byone and talk a little about them. There weren't that manyupdates, so let's get right on to them:
To get the usual SMS Power releases out of theway, I'll cover them at the beginning real quick. We had"Makai Retsuden", "Aerial Assault", "Anan the Jungle Fighter", "Champions of Europe", "The Castle", and "Wimbledon".
However, the week started with the release of MAME32 0.35 finalwhich had been awaited by everyone. This closed theMAME32 development cycle for version 0.35.
We also had a couple of SNEeSe releases, starting with version 0.275 followed closelyby 0.276. Both of them mainlyinvolved SPC fixes and optimizations among other things.
What really shocked the scene by the beginning of theweek was the Unscheduled appearanceof MAMEnet!. This was compiled from the MAME32 source, anonymously and releasedon a message board. Although the source wasn't ready for thepublic and the original authors didn't plan on this, theygot filled with enthusiasm by the response that they arenow working for it to make an official appearance very soon.I have yet to try it succesfully, and it has been said thatyou need optimal network connections (Cable or better) forit to perform good. Try it on your local LAN for bestresults!
Anticupid's Rumor ReView wasposted on Tuesday as scheduled and unfortunately lookedall red from pending rumors. I'm happy to say the storyshould be quite different this week as a lot of rumorshad been finally put to rest afterwards.
A new site called Stormcadeopened and I decided to help the author a little bysending some visitors over. The site looks incredibly goodand I wanted you to enjoy it and bookmark it.
A Small News Update was postedto let everyone know of some of the updates happeningaround the look of the site. I know many of you noticedthe change to the main page which takes a little gettingused to as I must admit, that even I didn't like it toomuch at first, but it has grown on me now.
An interview with Janne and Anders was posted by GigaPower which has since been put on holdby their providers, so until they make their comeback thatinterview, and others they have planned, will remainunseen. However, expect their comeback to happen very soon.
Content has been few, and the same goes for the Rumor Mill which was quiteshort compared to other instances. In it some rumors aboutRaine, Shark and v7800 that you might want to get acquainted with.
I also posted another short article to covernews about some of the console emulators out there whichhad updated their pages.
Many of the features you have in MAME today werementioned in this detailed WIP update I posted to let everyone know about what wasbeing submitted to the list. I'm happy to say thatall of that made it into the amazing MAME release we had at theend of the week. This was the first beta version of the0.36 cycle which actually brought in a lot of source codechanges, and many new and exciting games!
An update at the Raine Page indicated the addition of "Palamedes" for Raine. This looksto be a puzzle game of the cute genre, from Taito as usual.
RockNES moved to 0.92 on Saturday marking the first release that emulator has hadin quite a while. However on Sunday, one emulator who hasbeen constantly updated recently made a very big release. ZSNES moving to 0.940 and 0.941adding the first visually observable shots of SuperFX emulation.
Yet another miscellaneous article was posted indicating even some more changes that the site had incurred, particularly on theEmulators Page. Also the release of Snes9x for theHP9000 family of workstations.
And finally, the last article of the week, but certainly not the least important, the much awaitedShark 3.1 release whichpeople say doesn't support new games, but that remainsto be seen. (Check back tomorrow on the mill for details).
Pretty average week don't you think? It definitely hadan incredible ending with three emu releases in less thantwo hours, was enough to keep me incredibly busy for thegood part of the night. This week may also have a surprisingending, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

One Article Up: Rumor ReView
One Article Down: Shark 3.1!!

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