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Rumor ReView - July 20,1999 by anticupid
Written by: anticupid
After I sent in last weeks rumor review I had a floating figure come to bein a dream saying it was time to clean out that overflowing pile of pendingrumors. While I am not certain but it could easily have been Nicola Salmoriacoming to tell me about the pending release of Mame .36b. This new beta hasbeen the subject of many past rumor mills with the mention of games such as"Hyrda", "Pitfigther", "Raiden", and"Time Soldiers". So when the new version of Mame finally showed up on Sundayit was like a dream come true. When I woke up I kept saying confirmed,confirmed, confirmed, confirmed for some odd reason.
Another big rumor that kept haunting me like the theme song from Jaws wasthat a new version of Shark was coming soon. Now this is a rumor that hasbitten me more than a couple times and had me thinking that this would bethe week. Well The Clan was not going to be out done by the release of Mameso they released their own emulator on Sunday as well. Even though thisrumor can now be confirmed there is still an air of mystery surrounding itsince the "what's new" file that was included in rather cryptic. Also wordcontinues to leak out that Shark development is winding down, maybe thistime that rumor is true but I also know it has been making the rounds for awhile. The one thing I can tell you is the rumor that The Clan as a newemulator on the Horizon is definitely being thrown onto the pending pile.
Another interesting rumor the Qman offered up last week was that Raine issupposed to be bringing us some unusual games. The very day JoseQ wasremembering this rumor I was looking around the Taito web pages and noticedsome Japanese dating simulation games, which are definitely unusual and seemto fit well into this Taito biased emulator. I didn't have get thisinformation Direct from agent X so this is just another one of those bigpending rumors.
What did you say? You like console emulators? Well this week likely broughtyou some interesting news as the SuperFX chip used in some Super Nintendogames such as Star Fox officially got confirmed as being emulated with theSaturday appearance of a new version. Last week's rumor mill also broughtnews of the pending arrival of a new Meka version and a new emulator goingby the secret agent code name of v7800.
While all this console news may have been exciting, we have saved the bestfor last, as it seems strange forces are at work over on the PSEmu Pro webpages. The only thing really know at this point is the secret agent sent offto gather information on this rumor is still pending arrival back atheadquarters with his report.
The secret agent checking into the rumor about a second developer joiningCapcom in officially licensing their roms uncovered a story about SNKlicensing their games to be run on NeoRageX at an animee convention. Whilethis information has been confirmed the agent was unsure if this was thesame source he has originally heard from so he headed back out into thefield to gather more information leaving his final report as pending.
As usual there are some pending rumors in which the secret agent didn'treport any new information this week so we will just mention them quicklyand hope for their speedy return. Those agents were investigating the SegaSystem32 and Dynamic Recompiling Williams emulators. Also lets not forgetabout our HiVe agent who has been in the field for a really long time.Hopefully all these agents will return safely in time for next weeks rumorreview.

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