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bleem! and it's bad reviews... - July 21,1999 by JoseQ
As you may already know, bleem! entered the computergaming market, being sold in major retail stores aroundthe United States earlier this month. This of course triggeredcomputer gaming publications to take on the product andreview it. However, the taste those reviews have left feelslike there really isn't much to bleem! Not that it hasreceived mixed reviews, but rather very negative ones,and so far, unanimously. I would also like to commenta little on the issue.
First, let me point you to the three review articlesposted so far, the most recent coming from 'Computer GamingWorld', one of the major publications here in the US.Their review is titled: "bleem! it wouldbe really great, if it worked well" gave the emulator2 out 5 stars. IGN rates bleem! as a myth in their reviewwhich rates it at 5.5 on a scale that goes up to 10. Next-Generation online doesn't have a rating system, but youcan guess they didn't like it either if you readwhat they hadto say about it on their page. Their article also triggered a section of letterswhich expresses good points, and also has some veryinsulting words to the author of the article; I'm notsure if that's the best way to express your opinion though.
So what happened? Why did bleem! get so bad reviewsif after all, it is supposed to be a great program. Well,unfortunately for bleem!, the computer gaming market isvery different than the emulation public. When a happybuyer purchases a copy of bleem! he expects to playPlaystation games on their PC, nothing less and certainlynothing more. Failing to deliver on that short and simplestatement will completely ruin the possible happyness ofthat new customer.
It is a reality that some of us can't see, and it isthat the emulation scene is filled with incomplete programsthat we dazzle at seeing them grow and prosper. We areaccostumed to downloading a game and simply hit the ESCkey when the game freezes or the colors are wrong, andwe can go on with our lives. Where I come from we have a saying, which goes similar to this: "You don't look ata horse's teeth if it has been given to you as a gift".That just means that when you get free stuff, you shouldnot complain if it's good or bad, you just get it. Certainlywe have a good number of people that still complain aboutfree stuff like MAME or Raine, and even PSEmu, is it right?I don't think so.
On a totally different note, when you're about to buya horse (and the key word here is buy), you certainly wantto look at its teeth and see if it's healthy. And if youpay for it, you expect it to be healthy. Same goes for anygame that anybody has ever bought at the store. You expectit to work, and you expect it to work at least a very highnumber of times. If it doesn't work, do you feel you havea right to complain? Of course. And that's what the magazinesare saying, if you buy it, you will probably end up havingcomplains about it.
So there are basic differences between bleem! andthe rest of the emulators on the scene. First, you needto pay to use bleem!, and obviously, having it sold inretail stores means that the audience is totally different,and most likely, completely unfamiliar with the emulationscene, which forgives incomplete and imperfect emulation.What does the bleem! team need to do? It needs to keepworking hard on getting the emulator as faithful as possibleto the real console. Until then, they should expect a lotof unhappy campers out there...

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