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Rumor Mill - July 21,1999 by JoseQ
Welcome to another weekly edition of the EmuViewsRumor Mill, your source for underground informationregarding emulators and anything that can remotelyresemble one. This week, a couple of Raine rumors, Sharkrumors, even rumors from an emulation web site that youmay be reading soon. So let's just start by saying thatan interesting week is coming.
What would you like to read first? Well, I willtell you about some interesting readings that are comingour way. A certain website that has done good interviewsin the past is planning a comeback with a couple of bignames under the spot light. Now, don't let that confuseyou as I'm not talking about people like Nicola, Richard Bush or Neil Bradley, sirs of the most popular emulators,but rather about names that have been closely relatedto big issues that has stirred controversy in recenttimes. I know at least I can't wait to read about them butI was asked not to give out any names.
On to the waterfront, you may have read elsewhere thatthe newly released version of Shark, 3.1, plays a certaingame that was not mentioned in the documentation. Well, asI understand it, the author forgot to hide it from thepublic eye and I've got the details of its status. It hashalf of a working MCU core. It is kind of playable, and ifyou press the S key, you can change the width of the spritesin the game (as a title screen hack). I will make theROMs available here soon.
Now on to the Raine front. You know that I mentionedthat a release may have been near last week. That seems tohave shifted since there are some technical difficultiesinvolved in the team once again delaying progress. HoweverI did get some good news. Don't expect only those eightnew games mentioned on the Home Page to be supportedwhen the new vesion comes out, yet more games will be onthe supported list. And what will please a certain groupof people; it seems that Raine is not only being portedto Windows, but word has it that a certain Apple personalityhas received the source code to try to port it to the Macplatform. That certain person has a good track record forworking on the Mac, so hold on Mac people, about 100 previously unavailable games will be coming your way ifeverything works out great.
Also, another rumor that has been slightly clear wasthe daily countdown happening at Retrogames. It reads "10days left" having as an effect very intriguing thoughtson the minds of the emulation fan. Well I won't tell youwhat it is, but I can say one thing, the answer can befind on EmuViews if you know where to look. Good lucktrying to find it though, it may be tougher than you think.
Now this may not be a rumor, but I think I'm going toopen my big mouth once again. You may have read about a newproject called Assassin. I just read about uzplayer atEmuCamp labeling it as fake, and I will speak freely andsay that I agree. It certainly is very rumoristic butfeels too much like a publicity stunt other than an emu.It certainly wins the award for being the first emulatorto be announced without saying what it actually emulates.I guess they need to decide that aspect kind of early in thedevelopment, so I wish them luck with that.
So it is time to end this edition of the Rumor Milland sit down and feel the breeze, feeling whatever timewishes to bring upon us during the week. Do you think wecan start getting MAMEs in a weekly fashion once again?My opinion is that it will be longer than a week, at leastfor the next release. Raine? At least 10 days. The usualreleases will continue to pour in during the week. Thanksfor visiting and taking the time to read!

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