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The Raine Report - June 17,1998 by Mario Silva
A while ago we InterViewed Richard Bush, the author of RAINE.We have learned that much awaited games like Double Dragon 3 are in it, and mostof us, can't wait to see it. Although it is still a few weeks ago, Mario Silva,one of the beta testers, volunteered to donate an illustrated report about his experiences withthe emulators. Here it is with screenshots included, The Raine Report, by Mario Silva.

I know that many of you are waiting for the next Raine version...and nowyou have even more reasons to look forward for it. But first everyone willhave to wait two weeks or so until Richard Bush improves the emulator, removessome of the bugs, or maybe try to add a few more games. And here he wants yourcooperation, because he needs more 68000 based boards dumped (Taito games wouldbe great), even 68020 Taito F3 boards would be nice. If you can help, you cancontact him Here. Please no naggingmail.
According to Richard you'll see the next version in about two weeks ifeverything goes according to his plans. So please don't flood him withquestions like: "When will Raine will be available?", because that onlydelays his work and when it's out you will see it in every major emulation sites.
Now to the good stuff, let me tell you some of the new features of Raine:

Bonze's Adventure is now semi-playable, because Richard managed to discovera way of emulating some of the C-chip processor functions, unfortunately hestill needs more info on this to make this 100% playable. Every time youdie, you restart at the beginning. So if any of you have a board of Bonze'sAdventure or any other game with a C-Chip, don't hesitate to email Richardand offer your support.

Bonze's Adventure

There is now joystick support in Raine. This is, at the moment, undermore improvements. I can say that my gamepad works great with the games and many other betatesters reported that different types of joysticks were compatible.
As some of you already know we have some more great games emulated and allof them fully playable, they are:
  • Ninja Warriors - Taito
    This game had a 3 screens display in the arcades, so you can all startlooking for bigger monitors... Here is one third of the screen only!

    Ninja Warriors

  • Double Dragon 3 - Technos
    Many of you I know are waiting for this one, and you will be happier whenyou know that it has sound support. I hope you have a friend to play withyou, because this isn't an easy game just for one player. I got tired ofhearing the wicked smile when I inserted more and more "virtual" coins inthe game.

    Double Dragon 3

  • Space Gun - Taito
    This is a Operation Thunderbolt style of game, but in space...nobody canhear you scream.

    Space Gun

  • Terra Cresta - Nichibutsu
    had a small improvement in the background game area, but itstill has messed up sprites. :-(
Other improvements are scanlines, experimental save/load game feature (thiswas very useful in testing Double Dragon 3), auto frameskip and a generalspeedup in the other supported games.
There is also sound support in two other games, Zero Zone and Wrestlefest(yes, I know that many of you have been asking for this for a now you can stop posting messages asking for it).
When the new release is available, I only ask you all one thing: Read thedocs first, and ask valid questions later. Don't email Richard withmessages like: "Ninja Warriors has no sound."

Mario Silva

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One Article Down: Puzzle Bobble is here!

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