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Week In ReView - July 26,1999 by JoseQ
And what else would I be doing, if I'm not writingthe Week In ReView for you guys? And was it me, or wasthis the most uneventful week in all of EmuViews history?Here's the list of articles for thepast week, and yes, you can see that last week's WeekIn ReView is almost in the middle of it, so that shortensit to only 11 articles to cover this time. I don't knowif it was because I've been busy with a lot of personalstuff, but it seemed like an awfully slow week to me. Anyways, let's just talk about it.
I did post last week's ReView on a Tuesday morning,so that kind of helped making it short, but right afterthat we had anticupid's Rumor ReView. In it a lot of good news and interesting bitsof things going on around the scene these days.
On a weird release, RockNES 0.93 came out. I sayweird because Fx3 usually does his releases during theweekend. Somehow he managed to put out this latestversion on a Tuesday afternoon. A lot of updates in it though.
Many of the week's SMS Power releases were captured ina Single article since Zoop askedus not to publish about the site every day, to see if traffic would be more manageable. I will let you go in andread for yourself, but I can assure you that a couple ofgreat titles came out during the week, and some of themyou just gotta see.
I wrote a little something about bleem! and it's bad reviews.I tried to be as objective as possible, but it definitelyturned out to be a massacre when the media finally gotits hands on bleem! It seems that many writers were dissapointed to find out about the compatibility list.
A rather lengthy Rumor Millwas posted compared to many of the previous editions. I didfind a couple of good things to write about, and hopefullyyou will be reading about them becoming facts fairly soon.
And as a couple of people suggested, I posted a Retrogames' countdown pollso that visitors could vote about what atila has beencounting down for a few days now. The countdown willexpire in 5 days, and those of you that don't know whatit means, seem to be expecting something silly, but ona distant second place, it seems that 15% of you feelthat he's counting down to PSEmu's public release.
I posted a console news article covering an announcement made at the Hu-Gopage, which turned out into a release later on, and alsoyet another SMS Power release.
SNEeSe made it to version 0.32with two releases over the weekend and many SPC fixedamong actually numerous other things. The author was thestar of the latest e-mail wars in an interview made by Fixo.
And the other bit of bad news for the week was thecancellation of the DraculaX project due to the threat of legal action by Konami.Sad but true, the project which goal was to have ISOsof DraculX freely distributed through the net came toan end also during the weekend.
Well this was an easy to write Week In ReView as prettymuch the number of articles was cut in half. I hope that this next week does bring many good things, and as it looksit really should. I'm looking forward to a couple of things,both in emulation and in my personal life. And we will alsofinally learn what atila has been counting down to. Thanks for reading!

One Article Up: Win $65 from Zophar's!
One Article Down: E-Mail Wars are back!

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