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anticupid talks to the Raine team - July 27,1999 by anticupid
JoseQ here... Most likely the second most popular emulator availabletoday is Raine. With the biggest number of otherwiseunemulated games in its supported list, Raine stands outto be an amazing emulator that we've all come to love (andservers have come to hate). One of our correspondants, anticupid, has taken the task to chat with the Raine teamon the IRC and ask them a few questions about themselvesand where the team is heading with the emulator. Find outabout their interesting talk in a real InterView withthe Raine guys:

[anticupid] Lets start with your names and what you do on the Raine project so that everyone knows who you are, although they most likely do already.

[Antiriad] I'm the programmer I guess, look for [Antiriad] in the .txt

[Taito] I'm the other guy that annoys dumpers, etc.

[Antiriad] Main coding from the start.

[Taito] Organization, coordination, rom finding, www updating and a lot of other stuff.]

[anticupid] How did you first get introduced to video games, ie what platform and game?

[Antiriad] My first experience in the arcade was probably those sliding coin games, I used to wait for the 2p's to fall out. :) I was quite young. :)

[Taito] Well my first experience in the arcades was "Space Invaders". Taito game...hehe. ;) Bootlegs soon followed. :)

[anticupid] Raine started as a project to emulate "Rainbow Islands", that gave me the impression that you are fans of the Bubble Bobble series, is that true, and if so which game in the series do you like best?

[Antiriad] Yes, in fact it never had a goal of emulating the game, I just wanted to hack the roms about. I think I like "Liquid Kids" the best (from that style of game).

[Taito] First part is for Antiriad. Second part is that I love all those cute "Bubble Bobble" games, but I'm also a big fan of some shoot-em-ups. ;)

[anticupid] Antiriad, did you find it a lot easier to program an emulator than you first expected?

[Antiriad] Yes, because I was expecting arcade hardware to be complicated, with maybe a blitter and other scary stuff that I knew the Amiga uses, in fact arcade hardware is usually very stripped down to tile layers and objects.

[anticupid] A lot of people who are heavily into computers first started out on the versatile Commodore 64. What computer did you start on?

[Taito] I started on a Spectrum + (48K), had a Spectrum 128K, C64, Amiga, 8086 PC, 286 PC, 486 DX 66 MHZ, 486 DX 100 MHZ, Cyrix 166+, Pentium 2 300 MHZ now.

[Antiriad] I started on a Spectrum 48k just playing games, then I blew it up (oops!) and got a spectrum 128k, next I got an Amiga 500, then an Amiga 1200. I was just a game player until I got the Amiga 1200. When the Amiga died, I got a PC (P120) and discovered emulators :) That means, when the Amiga platform died, my Amiga still works :)

[anticupid] What would you say has been the biggest challenge you faced in developing/supporting Raine?

[Antiriad] hmm... protection features maybe (c-chips, encrypted roms like some Jaleco/NMK games). Also some tricky things to emulate: 'rotozoom layer' in games like "Drift Out" took a bit of trial and error. Some zooming stuff is a challenge too ("Space Gun", etc.).

[Antiriad] Taito, you're challenge is going to get harder, with less roms left to dump. :P

[Taito] That's why we need some donations or possibly other games to emulate. Now get the F3 support perfect! (using whip) :P Or maybe those nice car and football games... :)

[Taito] Well my biggest challenge was to find help from people to get more games to emulate for Raine, and staying online insane should see my phone/ISP bills. ;)

[anticupid] For the record you both live in Europe where phone and ISP billing is a little different that North America. Is it correct that you have to pay a per minute charge to make a phone call in addition to the fees our ISP charges you? (Just so people get a better understanding) Just for comparison, most people in North America pay $20 for a phone line with unlimited local calls and another $20 a month for unlimited dial-up access to the Internet.

[Antiriad] Yes, my internet calls are all 1p/minute. :(

[Taito] I live in Portugal and here it's about 3p an hour at the lower rate. But ISP is expensive. I pay about...116 pounds (approximately $180 US Dollars) a month of phone and ISP! :P

[anticupid] What languages do you use to program Raine in?

[Antiriad] Raine is in C and x86 asm (most of the x86 asm is in AT&T syntax).

[anticupid] On to a few questions about other emulators. I have seen mention of a rivalry between Raine and Mame, is there any truth to this?

[Antiriad] You heard that? Where? :)

[Taito] There is?

[anticupid] So there is no such rivalry?

[Antiriad] I don't think rivalry, but you know we like to emulate unemulated games, that's all really.

[anticupid] What was the first emulator you ever used?

[Antiriad] First emulator I used is either PlaySID for Amiga, or an Amiga Spectrum emulator called KGB or something. :)

[Taito] It was a Spectrum PC emulator. :) Made by a Spanish programmer. :)

[anticupid] Have you ever worked on any other emulators?

[Antiriad] No, not directly. I did a few Retrocade PE's (Platform Extensions, the Retrocade equivalent to Mame drivers). I didn't directly code for Mame, but some Mame drivers are based on the Raine sources which the authors requested.

[anticupid] Now lets finish with some questions about Raine. There seems to be a definite focus on games from Taito but games from other manufacturers such as Jaleco/NMK are sometimes found in Raine. How are those games chosen?

[Antiriad] We are always looking for a good system to emulate. "Rodland" and "Saint Dragon" made me look at Jaleco. Also, Jaleco has a nice hardware line and the games are good and there isn't an infinite supply of Taito romsets you know. :)

[Taito] "P47" is also nice, not as good as those two. ;)

[anticupid] Speaking of the finite set of Taito roms, have you put any thought into what you will do when you run out of new Taito roms to emulate?

[Antiriad] Yes, get a paying job! :) (games related I hope).

[anticupid] There is also a Taito platform that is newer than F3, called FX-1 System, would you like to one day emulate it?

[Antiriad] sure, but it would need to be in a new emulator, I think a Direct-x based one (for the 3d capabilities). I'm not planning to emulate it though.

[Taito] I think someday, someone will emulate the Taito FX-1 System since it supposed to be based on Playstation hardware.

[anticupid] Which games have you liked adding to Raine the most, and which one would youlike the most to add in the future?

[Antiriad] "Liquid Kids" was best for me, because we were chatting to the rom dumper in ICQ while he worked on the dump. For some reason that game was exciting, because I'd always wanted to play it :) I supposed I'd like to have F3 sound a lot.

[Taito] There are a few racing games I would love to see emulated that were made by Taito, but I also loved seeing "Liquid Kids" running for the first time. :) Although I have some friends that keep asking me to persuade Antiriad to do some football games and we can't forget all that some people want is fighting games (inside joke). :P F3 sound would be great to play "Darius Gaiden", "Puzzle Bobble" games... :)

[anticupid] Last week on JoseQ's Rumor Mill he mentioned that a Mac port of Raine was being undertaken and previously there was word of a Unix port. Both these ports have also been rumored as being cancelled. Can you comment on their status?[22:12]

[Antiriad] The Linux port guy seemed to loose interest, but that should have been not too hard too port. The Mac port, hmm... porting it to a non x86 cpu is going to be hard work in my opinion, lots of graphics stuff needs C versions for the Mac to use, and I think the endian difference on the Mac will also be a big problem. You can't really say either port is/was cancelled, since they haven't really been started in the first place, neither port should of been rumored I think at the very early stage they are at.

[anticupid] Well that is it for my questions. Thank you for your time. You can add any parting comments or surprises to look for in the next Raine. :)

[Antiriad] Um... suprises? :) Some Japanese only games maybe. :)

[Taito] Well all I can say is: Keep the spirit of emulation alive!

[Antiriad] That's a nice slogan, Taito. :) I want to say thanks to NaMcO, Nemesis1, Madmax1, and several other very kind people. :)

[Taito] I want to thank all the Raine fans out there, they have been great in supporting us and also the other emulation projects. We hope the big companies look more seriously at the hard work and devotion of emulation authors, after all they where the ones responsible for "opening their eyes" and showing them emulation could be a good thing for them.

[Antiriad] Yeah, but emulation isn't so good for anyone making new Neo Geo games. They better keep their eyes closed. :(

[Taito] Unfortunately, that's the only bad part in this world, people sometimes want too much and that can be dangerous for future emulation projects.

JoseQ here again, I hope you enjoyed this InterView. I would like to thank anticupid, Antiriad and Taito fortaking the time for the chat and offering it to the publiceye via EmuViews. Thanks for reading!

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