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The Rumor ReView - July 27,1999 by anticupid
Well the Pan Am Games are well on the way and I have had a chance to meetlots of people that have come here to compete and take in the games. Thefirst person I met kept saying something only in Japanese. I am not reallysure what it was all about however I did manage to make out the word Raine.Later in the day when this visitor stepped away for a minute, his attachétold me that I was being given information about the Unix and Mac portsstill being in the preliminary stages of development. The attaché thencontinued by saying those ports are on-hold until it can be determined if itis even feasible to do a port.
The next delegation I had a chance to spend sometime with was interested inseeing all the high tech business in the city. At first I was a littlepuzzled why they would be more interested in touring these business then intaking in some of the sporting events around the city. When I overheard themtalking to the president of one company about dynamic recompiling Iimmediately thought of the rumor about the Dynamic Recompiling Williamsemulator. My hopes of finding out something more about that pending emulatorwere dashed though when they were walking past an arcade and saw a GoldenAxe 2 machine. Despite my please to keep going so we could make the nextappointment on time, they insisted on stopping a playing a few quarters.While I couldn't really hear that well with the music playing so loud fromthe jukebox I thought I heard something from them about how they have nearlyperfectly emulator this game. Being I fan of those old Sega games I quicklyrealized they must have been talking about the System 32 emulator that hasbeen pending as of late.
Since the games have only just begun I can't say for sure what assignment Iwill be getting next I was looking at the arrivals for later in the weekthat are still pending assignment and saw lots of interesting things. Firstthere are a couple flights arriving with strange flight numbers, one isv7800 and the other is PSEmu PRO, I am not quite sure what to make of thesepending arrival since they was no date listed next to then. Another pendingarrival is the Honduras International Volleyball Exchange delegation listedas HiVE for short.
That was all the time I had to look over the pending assignment since thecountdown was on for me to get back to escorting delegations around. Thatreminds though of the pending Retrogames countdown. Maybe that Retrogamescountdown has something to do with the pending return of an interview site,or was it a new Meka version that is pending. No, no, no I think it was thepending announcement of another company officially licensing their roms. Ohwait maybe it was....

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