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The Rumor Mill - July 28,1999 by JoseQ
Are you ready for some Rumors? Then you've come to theright place because this edition of the Rumor Mill is packedwith good stuff that will be getting into you, the good guy,very very soon. More details about RetroFX and what they'vedone, Shark news, Raine news, even some news about theDynamic Recompilation Williams emu; they are all includedin this week's Mill. So let's get it on!
So let's get this cat right out of the bag. I know you've read the RetroFX site from top to bottom, but whatyou haven't found is a good look at what they can do. WellI can solve part of that problem real quick with a good screenshot can't I? Well, the problemis that you can't see the extra animation frames in there,you can't see Arthur breathing, you can't listen to there-mastered tunes, and you may not see a real-time renderedflame take place. Is your appetite wet? Just wait a few daysand you'll be drooling for certain download to finish. However, be aware that this will be one hefty package tocarry, but it'll get there, don't you worry, you'll geton hands. In the meantime, practice on the non-retro-fx'dversion of GnG so that you can go through the new versioneasily since it is the exact same gameplay, it'll justfeel like a new game...
But let's get to some rumors that I didn'teven mention in the first paragraph, and they concern thebiggest emulator of them all. I can probably get in troublefor saying this so I'm going to barely touch it. There hasbeen a lot of work done on a not so old family of gamesthat were previously labeled as very difficult to emulate because of some custom CPUs. However, thanks to the geniusesincluded in the MAMEDEV team, what was an unfeasable taskhas been slowly becoming a reality and shall be soon be inyour hands. I'm probably not talking about the next MAMErelease but definitely in the 0.36 cycle, and sooner ratherthan later. You'll know what I'm talking about soon enoughbut I can't give a lot of details without authorization. IfI get it, and also a couple of screenshots, I'll post adedicated article about it.
But lets get back to the rumors I mentioned in the introparagraph. Shark news you need? Well I've heard from incredibly good sources that a new Shark will be coming ourway soon, and probably as early as this week. The otherset of good news is that the Dead Serious Clan seems tohave a good sense of humor in hiding things inside theemulator and letting the fan crowd find them, and this newversion will be no exception. We'll see when it comes out.
I also know you saw the Raine news earlier about the two new games added. Well more news shallbe coming soon, and they too involve japanese games, howeversome of them might be specially interesting to you sincetheir american counterpart doesn't exist, thus making themnot the Japanese version, but completely new games beingadded. What would you say if I mentioned anything about arelease happening this month? However unlikely, do look forone very early next month.
And you probably were just looking to read what's newabout the Dynamic Recompilation based emulator for theCPU intensive Williams games. Well guess what? Yours trulyhas been honored with yet another update in time for thisRumor Mill. I can safely say that this emulator amazes memore and more every time, and that it is definitely makinggood (if not great) progress. Albeit slowly, but that'sjust because just like most of us, the author needs todevote time to the job that puts the food on the table, andthat has caused time-sharing between real life and TMS34010recompiling time. With a new twist in this new version Idid achieve triple digit frame rates on my system (P2-400)with no music or controller code though. So I'm stillbetting that it will be enjoyable on the average systemtoday, and those with P2-333s or better should be able toget the full experience, that is just my opinion and purespeculation though.
Well, what do you think? Was this a good Rumor Mill? Iwould like to think so. I do hope that I can dig up someclearance for the MAME rumor I mentioned earlier and giveyou the scoop on it. In the meantime, just enjoy what'sout there and relax, time will bring incredible rumors toreality. Thanks for reading!

One Article Up: RockNES 0.94!
One Article Down: RetroFX opens!

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