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Week In ReView - August 02,1999 by JoseQ
And quite a boost from what had happened the previousweek, these last few days have been nothing but a royalrumble of exciting news in the emulation world. You mightwant to take a look at the list of articles we'regoing to be discussing in this edition of the Week In ReView. And we've got quite a few things to discuss, solet's get it on!
Even though the week started kind of slow, it startedpicking up as it went along. First article came fromZophar's Win $65 Contestin which he would be giving away to the best playerwho finished GnG on the NES twice. The best playerwould be determined by the least number of lives lost duringthe game.
We had some rumors about a SNES9Xfor Windows release which was confirmed soon after whenit actually happened. And thiswas the time many people were waiting for since this versionfinally used available 3dfx hardware acceleration whenapplicable.
As if that weren't enough, we also had a BrMSX 2.0 release (which waslater updaed to 2.1) that sameday as well as a SNEeSe releasethe day after. Even more than that? bleem! fans also hadtheir first take at bleem! 1.4which had a massive update.
Tuesday night was all anticupid when he firstposted an InterView with the Raine teamand then his weekly Rumor ReView made its way to the public.
As usual, a couple of SMS Power updates coming fromtheir 28 month celebration whichhad four games released, one for each of the sega consoles. Later on I posted an update to cover Super Racing and Chack'n'Popreleases.
A couple of Raine updates starting with this one and this one were happening duringthe week announcing more games supported in Raine. Then Ihad permission to post the new ROMswhich were very useful for the expected release which happened onSaturday night. This was another amazing release whichhas put my server to work very hard to distribute all thosenew games. The download frenzy is still going on!
Very exciting news in my opinion came when RetroFX opened to the publicwith their first appearance since their call for artistsfor their first project. We also got a glimpse at whatthey've been doing when I had the exclusive rights forthe first pic of their work shown at the Rumor Mill which was packedwith goodies from all around the scene.
A new version of RockNES was released putting it toversion 0.94 with a coupleof goodies added, but mostly NES movie support.
On Thursday a very curious release happened. Carl-Henrikand the Dead Serious Clan released a new version of Shark. What wascurious about it, is that nothing was reported as being newletting the users find out for themselves. The messageboards across the sites were then flooded with findingsfrom the avid Sharkers.
I also posted a short article reminding visitors about theongoing Hot Rod Giveaway contest which came to an endon Saturday with an announcementabout it turning into a monthly feature here at EmuViews.Just remember to re-enter if you want to win!
I posted a new question @ The Views which was nothing more than a geographical poll to find out wheremost of you are coming from. So far, after 375 votes, itseems like North America and Europe are where most ofyou visit from. With South America and Australia trailingfor third and fourth place.
I got permission to post a second RetroFX screenshotfrom their first project, GnG. I will be posting a PreViewlater on, I hope soon, with more screenshots and even ataste at the re-done music!
Retrogames countdown also came to an end on Saturdaywhen they revealed it was Atila's birthday! So I posteda little something to wish himwell, and of course a Happy Birthday. From what was postedin his page, it seems he had a great and Happy Birthnight.
A new version of the popular Atari 2600 emulator, Z26was upgraded to version 1.32with a couple of improvements and support for the changerline of cartridges. Support for that is still not completethough.
And that was it for this past week, which was a veryactive one for EmuViews and the emulation world in general.I always love Raine releases, and the public announcementof RetroFX has brought a lot of excitement throughout thescene. This coming week is sure to bring a lot of stuffover to you, the gamer, so be sure to stick around!

One Article Up: NLKE - Alive and requesting testers!
One Article Down: Couple'o'News

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