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Rumor ReView - August 03,1999 by anticupid
This Article is written by anticupid:
With the heat wave most of the Northern Hemisphere has been experiencingover the past couple weeks the Raine we received on Saturday bringing to endthe week long frenzy of announced features for the new version. In additionto the normal bug fixes several new games have been added, the most notablebeing Bubble Bobble. While the rumor about the new release of Raine wasconfirmed, it added fire to the pending rumor about a Windows port. And,what would a Raine release be without some more games in the executablepending discovery. The speculation has already begun on the message boardsas to what these games are.
With all these new Taito games being made playable I can't help but think ofthe fondness the Dead Serious Clan displays for all things related to Taitoin their Shark emulator. Not only did Shark have a new release this week,but Carl-Henrik, the programmer of Shark, also confirmed the new features inthe latest version with an e-mail to SYS2064. These new features includeSnow Bros support, new screen modes for Twin Cobra and Flying Shark, theability to make recordings of your playing prowess and a better structuredmanual. There are also reports floating around that the current executableincludes a message saying this will be the last version of Shark, while thisrumor is pending confirmation it does make sense with the new emulator fromThe Clan on the Horizon.
While no news came out of the Mame camp this week about the pendingemulation of a system from the recent past there has been lots ofspeculation. I have seen rumors for just about every unemulated system inthe past decade or so, with the most not worthy ones being mentioned beingKonami games like Simpsons and CSP2 games. Information on the progress ofMame usually is very easy to find but the information on this rumor is beingwell guarded, so we will have to wait a little longer.
Some arcade rumors also produced no news this week and maintain theirpending status. Included in this list is the Dynamic Williams Emulator, theSega System32 emulator, and HiVE. Other arcade emulators that have seeminglygoing missing in action after releasing beta versions are notable by theinclusion of Jas-SYS1, the once promising Namco System 1 emulator and thehighly regarded but seldom seen Retrocade.
All the news this past week was definitely from the arcade side of things asconsole emulators also gave us lots of action. While PSEmu Pro didn't makeany changes to its pending status from last week news did surface aboutConnectix and their plans to release a Playstation emulator for Windows. Forthose of you not familiar with the Connectix name you might be surprised tohear they are the people behind Virtual PC, a program that allows Macs torun Windows via emulation. They are also the subject of a lawsuit from Sonyregarding their Virtual Gaming Station, a Playstation emulator for the Mac.On Friday news surfaced than the Windows version of Virtual Gaming Stationis ready of release pending the settlement of the injunction barring itsrelease.
The other pending rumors about console emulators from last week included newreleases for Meka and v7800 maintain their status since there were no newdevelopments on these fronts. Sadly the forthcoming annoucement of anothergaming company offically licensing their games for use with emulation isstill pending.
The return this week of Giga-Power with interviews done by Emulation-Xconfirmed the rumor JoseQ mentioned about the return of an emulation site.
Well that's all for this week's review. Hopefully all the developers willtake a break from the heat and go inside and do some coding this week so wecan bring you another nice bunch of confirmations in next week's review.

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