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The Rumor Mill (Late Edition) - August 05,1999 by JoseQ
Well I must say it's been one busy week for me, stillI'm managing to do everything as the smoke is finallystarting to clear up. I did manage to snag a few Rumorshere and there from various different correspondants, andthey are regarding MAME, Raine and some other stuff. It'sbeen a while since I've put a warning here, but I wouldlike to remind you that what you're about to read, it'spure Rumor and should not be taken as fact. The highratio of Rumors becoming facts is purely coincidental...or so EmuViews would like to make you think.
Let's get right to what many people are probablythinking. Hidden games in new emulators seem to be thecommon trend, and Raine came out not too long ago, andwe still can't find anything. Well I've been informedthat what many people have found as 'hidden' games in someof the 'txt' files are simply non-working games, not whatyou would call 'hidden'. Do you think it's time for thegold digging to start again? Let's just say this, if youkeep your eye on the right web pages, you may find outfairly soon what they are.
Another Rumor that I received courtesy of the samecorrespondant who informed you about Pit Fighter comingto MAME. This is on an actually related topic. It seemsanother 'Pit-Fighter' like type of game is heading itsway towards MAME support. The game features very similarhardware, meaning big digitized sprites which scale upand down. This time however, it's not related to fighting,but to basketball. Some people might remember the game, andthe title, but I simply can't remember the name of thegame. Something related to the Hood. Should be kind of funto see.
Something also related to MAME, that I just have toreport. I would figure a MAME release to be very very near.The content is there, enough to make many people happy. Alot of progress has been done on the hardware I mentionedlast week, making the games fairly playable to completion,and some more games have been popping up. I know one thing,my server will probably suffer the consequences. I expectthe release to happen no later than this coming Sunday.Expect MAME32 to skip a version number as well.
Some of you may have caught a glimpse at some picsposted at Retrogames, concerning a Street Fighter 3D game.Well, I had mentioned something about that a while ago,some emulator running some of the more recent Arcade 3Dboards which are based on a popular console. However, sincethose games are kind of 'too' new to the scene, and probablyquite big, I will steer away from the subject until they'rea little more 'classic'.
Well I really didn't have a lot of content since likeI said, I've been extremely busy with personal business.Also, there hasn't been that much happening either. So that'sit for this edition of the Rumor Mill. Q-man here signingoff the Rumor Book until next week. Thanks for reading!

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