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GnG RetroFX - A Hands on preView - August 06,1999 by JoseQ
Well, I never thought I would make preViews here likeI always wanted, but what do you know. I have been giventhe opportunity to test what in my opinion could be oneof the most important emulation related releases inhistory, since it could be opening a whole new windowof opportunity for classic gamers to get new versionsof their favorite games, while preserving the exactgameplay of the original. Isn't that what we all dreamof? Well I'm sure you have many questions about thisand I hope to answer some of them in my preView of thisfirst RetroFX project.
Well, since I was involved with the RetroFX group sincebefore the name was even chosen, I don't really have a firstimpression. However, I did have a couple of half impressionswhen I started seeing the backdrops as drawn by the artists.I must say that the artists talent is one of the most important factors in this project, and without it, it woulddefinitely not be possible. What you see, is a virtual makeover of the game.

In this game for example, the talent of the programmeris also felt when you see very nice and jaw-dropping detailslike the extra frames of animation, the very nice parallaxscrolling that adds a lot of depth to the game, real-timeparticle rendering, and other touches that I will leavefor you to be surprised by.

I know you must be wondering by now: "Hey, but whatabout the music?". Well, the music was also re-done. Youprobably think it was made to feel like today's games, wellI must say it's not. It is simply remastered to keep thesame feeling of the game as it was originally intended. Theway I feel it, that's the whole point behind RetroFX, justmake it better without changing it.
In my opinion this game is great. It got me hooked a lotwhen I was a kid, and it got me hooked once again once itwas emulated in MAME. Well, now it's the same thing allover. Playing with it is amazinng. The new graphics lookgreat, the new sound adds to it even more, and you'll justlove it. I don't want to hype it, but it is definitelysomething you should at least want to see.
And what you probably wanted to know from the startis when you will be getting a taste of this demo everyoneis talking about. Well, there is really no firm date fora release, but one thing is for sure, EmuViews will havedirect coverage and download available for the file righton release date. I would expect it to come out right aroundmy birthday, but I won't say when that is. If you've beena fan of this site long enough, you can find out.

To answer some of the questions asked by my IRCfriends. They wanted to know if this version used the GnGROMs, and yes it does. It needs it to execute every singleinstruction in the original game, since this is still anemulated game. Only special logic is used so that it makes the re-done graphics appear, special audio and other cool things, but literally, it is the same gamerunning behind the screens, so yes, you need the ROMs.
Also, it does need the new backdrop images as well asthe new music, and that's where the download size comesinto play. You will need to have good bandwidth to handlethis download as it should total just above 30MBs insize. We will probably split it, and make it available fromdifferent sites so that you have plenty of mirrors to getit from.
Other popular question seems to be about other projectsbeing worked on. Right now, RetroFX is not working on anything else than GnG. Time permitting, once they'redone with this, they'll look to user input to decide whichgame to 'RetroFX' next. In the meantime they have a lot ofwork ahead of them, since GnG is no easy task and containsa whole lot of different stages and backgrounds.
To close this article, I will repeat once again, ifyou like Ghosts'n'Goblins, you will like this version ofit. It's the same game, with a new look, and new sounds.That's about it. If you wanted to do special tricks you did in the arcade, those should probably work heretoo. Be sure to keep your eye on EV for more looks on thisgame as the release date gets closer. Thanks for reading!

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Name: Ian Posted: Saturday, November 13, 1999 - (22:44)
Subject: G & G
I've just discovered the whole emu scene about 2 days ago - didn't know anyone was doing this stuff. All I can say is -WOW! Can't wait to play all the oldies (particularly a whole bunch of Amiga stuff) and this GnG project has got me drooling-gotta read on.....

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Name: lups Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 - (19:44)
Subject: Re: G & G
>I've just discovered the whole emu scene about 2 days ago - didn't know anyone was doing this stuff. All I can say is -WOW! Can't wait to play all the oldies (particularly a whole bunch of Amiga stuff) and this GnG project has got me drooling-gotta read on.....

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