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The Rumor ReView - August 18,1999 by anticupid
This last week was a real quiet one, and while The Impact made a big splashonto the scene with a fury of announcements there haven't been any updatesmade public since last week's review. Could it be this silence is inindication that a release is pending on the horizon, or is it due to thefact they ran out of new roms to emulate?
The other hot rumor last week was that a secret Nintendo 64 emulator wasgoing to be released on Friday. The emulator, names TRWin, was confirmedwith its released on Friday as promised, however when people found out itwas an updated version of the open-source True Reality people were leftwondering why the source wasn't released as required by the True Realitylicense.
While JoseQ heard that Raine was in the forecast for last weekend, thisturned out to be wrong. With the release of an updated Raine still pendingthere is no news about the games that may be hidden in the current version.We are also left to wonder how the Windows port is progressing.
Making one of its rare appearances this week, news from the Retrocade campthat work is continuing along slowly. While the news of infrastructureimprovements in the pending release are not the most exciting, the additionof Q-Bert and the nearing private beta of the Windows port definitely aregood news.
The pending System 32 emulator made some progress this week with thesuccessful emulation of the four scrolling layers and killed some bugs inthe sprite system with their big can of Raid. They also sent news that SonicArcade has been dumped, great news for all the Sonic fans out there.
I have also heard that work is continuing on M72. While the pending updateto this emulator is still a ways off, work is underway to translate the NecV20 CPU to assembler which should offer a nice speed boast, and what would anew release be without some new games, no information on which ones thesemight be though.
These weeks list of pending rumors without new developments is a littleshorter than last week but still includes the Dynamic Williams Emulator,HiVE and the new emulators on the Horizon from Dead Serious Clan. MentioningRetrocade seemed to work at turning up some news, however Jas-Sys1 stillseems to be dead and buried, too bad since I would like to see Splaterhouseemulated. The console side of the scene seems to have gone on vacation thisweek with nothing new to report about PSEmu Pro, Virtual Gaming Station,Meka and v7800.
Wait a minute, I forgot to mention that great Borg of an emulator, MAME. Therelease of Mame32 catching up to the current beta is still pending, howeveran unofficial build is making the rounds already. The WIP page also got anupdate this past week with news that more Konami games have been added.Lastly, the great Q brought us word that "Guardians of the Hood" and "RoadRiot" are close to being assimilated into MAME however the protection onthese roms, affectionately know as "son of slapstick" is impeding theprogress. That's all for this week, hopefully we got a busy week ahead...

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