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The Rumor Mill - August 25,1999 by JoseQ
Welcome to another edition of the EmuViews Rumor Mill! This past week went by with no Mill, and that just meansthat this one will be packing a whole lot of content. I've got MAME, Raine, RetroFX, HiVE, and even stuff thatI shouldn't even be talking about. I'vereceived a whole bunch of reports from all around emulationland. So sit down, grab a Piña Colada, and read on, for oneof the juiciest Rumor Mills to date. If you don't havea Piña Colada, then just sit down, but make sure you enjoy.Let's get it on!
So where would you like to start. Ok, I'll start withsome info you may have already read somewhere else. RetroFX has been hardat work during the past few weeks, even though the captain,Dirk, had been moving to a new house. They even grabbedanother member that is good at both graphics and thetechnical aspects of emulation. All in all, everything islooking good. So good in fact, that the demo release, mayeven happen in less than week. It's being planned for thisweekend, so be prepared for that huge download, cause youwill want to get a hold of it. If you're thinking ofskipping it, wait until you hear the comments from the restof the emu fans that didn't.
So should we head over to MAME? These are basicallywork in progress drivers that you may want to know aboutsince they may be showing up soon, although probably notas soon as several releases. The word around Bryan McPhail'sexperimental labs (quite an advanced research facility ifyou ask me) is that a couple of more games have enteredworking status, albeit a few problems here and there. "Desert Assault" although it needs 16-bit colorsupport in the tilemap manager, "Dynamite Duke" also works,but it needs a re-dump, and "Zero Target" is also nowworking although backgrounds aren't.
Over at the HiVE camp, some things have been stirring upin the cooking pot for a while. However, very few peopleright now may be able to enjoy this, but more in the longrun. Believe it or not, BankMan (known in the world as Larry Bank), has gotten several games from HiVE running onWindows CE. However, the only machine capable of doing sois the Casio E100/E105 which is currently the only WindowsCE device that can do real video games or emulation sinceit has a fast 65536 color display. However, this is mostlikely not coming out as freeware as it is in discussionsfor it to be distributed commercially.
However, from the Raine front, you may have noticedTaito (Mario Silva) posting news at Emulators Unlimited.Well it seems that he has found a part-time job doing thatwhile Raine takes a break from development. I've learnedfrom good sources that author Richard Bush, has entereda phase of lack'o'motivationitis, thus putting Raine onan indefinite hold. Hopefully a vaccine is developed for thatsyndrome, and we can all enjoy Raine's amazing growth overthe past few months once again.
News from the underground world will come through arestrining bolt filter which doesn't allow me to mention more details. What I am allowed to say is that a newemulator may be coming. It is definitely in the works, butthe author is, and may remain, unknown. From what I'veseen, it has an incredible kick-ass GUI that will knockyour socks off. I had to pick mine up thirty meters away from my feet.
Of course, if you missed it, you may not know thatRetrocade should be entering beta testing in it's Windowsform very soon. It was announced to the beta list, butnothing else has happened. From what I've heard, it prettymuch works with everything it emulates except vector games.
Other rumors flying around include the usual 32X emus,Sega CD, and even Neo Geo Pocket emulators. However, that'sjust about how much info I can provide, simply because Ihave none.
Well, that's it for this Rumor Mill. I apologize for the lack of Mill last week, but the moving is still not done. In the mean time, a lot of new stuff has come outthat I have to catch up with. And the future seems brighterand brighter... Thanks for reading!

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