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Rumor ReView - August 31,1999 by anticupid
This week's Hot Topic is going to be RetroFX.Yes, you haven't heard a lot about this but this week, yet, but with the demorelease schedule for tomorrow this is one PENDING rumor that is likely to cometo a close this week. Why is it the hot topic of the week? If the screen shotshaven't impressed you then the real thing surely will.
While I don't have any news on the MAME games mentioned in lastweek's Rumor Mill, there have been a number of addition unemulated Konamidumps showing up on sites this week which are likely to show up in MAME soon.Even though nothing new has surfaced about the JAS-SYS1 emulator, work has resumedon the Namco System 1 drivers in MAME, including the much talked about "Splaterhouse".The buzz around the net is that these games are should be playable in the nextbeta, although the emulation is a little slow. There also have been no signsof the PENDING Mame32 release.
As if to prove the mention last week that Raine was on a hiatus can news thatseveral new games were added. It is still unknown if Richard Bush is back todeveloping Raine though, as most of the games that were added recently are oldergames that Richard Mitton usually codes. The rumor birds did come back sayingthere is something still under wraps coming to Raine though. Look for this PENDINGrelease on a weekend sometime soon.
Well on the topic of great Taito games I think it should be mentioned here thatthe Taito FX1 system, which The Impact is planning to emulate is based on modifiedPlaystation hardware. As PSEmu Pro and other programs have shown it is verypossible to emulate this type of hardware on a computer. A luck few have evenreceived very early builds of this promising new emulator that is expected tobe available before the new millennium.
HiVE also resurfaced briefly last week with the mention that Larry Bank is workingon a Windows CE version that will likely debut as a commercial product. UnfortunatelyJoseQ was unable to obtain any information about the Windows version.
Some promising news also came from the Retrocade camp with the release of aprivate beta version for Windows. Testers have reported that most of the gamesin the Dos version of Retrocade are working in this PENDING version with thenotable exception being the vector games.
The list of other pending rumors with no updates includes most of the usualsuspects this week: Dynamic Williams Emulator, the new emulators on the Horizonfrom Dead Serious Clan, Virtual Gaming Station, Meka and v7800. There are alsorumors brewing about emulators of Sega 32x and CD consoles and NeoGeo ColorPocket handheld beginning development however no one is yet made any announcements.

Off to JoseQ for more rumor news...

One Article Up: Snes9X 1.22 for Windows is out!
One Article Down: SNEeSe 0.35 is released!

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