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The Rumor Mill - September 02,1999 by JoseQ
Here I am, with a bag full of Rumors for you to readthrough once again, a small bag, but a couple of goodies init that might tickle your happy nerves. I'm a little late,but believe me, I've been so busy it hurts. I have foundthe time however to get some updates for you on some ofthe issues floating around emulation rumor land, so let'sget right on to this week's Rumor Mill; I hope you like it.
So let's start right off with a Rumor that I was supposed to mention last week but forgot to do so sinceI had so much stuff to do, and I did mention a lot ofstuff as well. This has already been mentioned, but I dohave some extra details that might shed some light on thesubject. Well, you might have heard that Retrocade mightbe jumping onto the CE bandwagon just like Larry Bank'sHiVE. Well following on the same route, it only works onthe Casio E100 for now, although we all know that in thefuture speed should only improve and get cheaper. The goodnews is that a large number of the games supported by Retrocade already work on the CE versionof the emu. Is that amazing or what? Pending a couple ofchanges here or there, EmuViews shall be showing a coupleof screenshots of such device at work pretty soon. Althoughthey probably look like just any other screenshot, it'llbe amazing to know where it came from. Cheers towardsreally portable emulation!
Other rumors that you might be happy to hear about isthat steam is once again in the engines of the Raine development. A new beta has been posted for the betatesters to enjoy, with better support for some gamesamong other things. Could this be a good sign for anupcoming release? Nothing has been said about that.
You may also be wondering what's the deal with theRetroFX release, and sadly enough, it has been delayedagain. The reason is mainly more and more tweaking towardsperfection, and it should reach releasable status soon. Those that may be wondering if the thing is a hoax, I canassure you it isn't. I have seen it working on my PC, sotrust me, it's as real as it gets.
Other interesting news developing from CGE, and sentto me by Mark Wasiel, touch topic on MAME. The real subject,unreleased Arcade games, making their way to the home. Apparently, on a panel that included Warren Davis, the guywho made the unreleased Q-Bert available to us, and Tim Skelly who was considering the idea of releasing twoGottlieb games, shown at the show on videotape. Thosewould be in ROM format, so they could eventually end upin MAME someday. It is just something that makes me smile.When you see arcade programmers backing up emulation, itreally means we're doing something good.
Other cool rumors from CGE include the future avaialbility of a tool kit that will allow programmersto develop games for the Intellivision platform, most likely to be played via emulators on the PC. I don't knowif this is something that could take-off, but maybe somevariations like certain Arcade platforms, could be a goodidea that should be exploited.
Well that's it for now, I really have to get going sinceit's way past my bedtime. I hope you now understand whatI mean by being so busy it hurts. It'll hurt in the morningwhen the evil alarm clock starts making noise. So untilnext week, where I will come back with yet more Rumorsto make your day a happier and brighter day. Thanks forreading!

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