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Delayed Rumor Mill is here! - September 16,1999 by JoseQ
Sorry for the late Rumor Mill. Although I have beenextremely busy as of late, the bad news end right there.What I've been busy with has been with getting newequipment and contracts that will lead to a better, fasterEmuViews. I've been just talking around to get not onlya hardware upgrade, but also yet another speed bump whichwill allow me to keep the big ROMs online instead of onand off. I'm sure you'll love to find everything onceagain and permanently this time. Now, that is no rumor,and that is why I'm writing this, so let's get right onto it!
Well let's start with something new. I've heard froma couple of different sources about a Neo Geo Pocket Colorbeing on the works. Of course since the console is so newwork is really preliminary. However, I have heard from atleast one very prominent emulator programmer that is workingon this, and judging from his track record, this is something I definitely want to get my hands on. So you canput the Q seal of good rumors on at least one of thoseNGPC emulators.
Dreamcast emus... With the release a week behind us,Dreamcast is a very hot topic not only around the consolegaming world, but of course our world, emulation. I cantell you this, Dreamcast emulation shouldn't be consideredimpossible, much less impossible than Saturn emulation.However, don't expect to see PCs powerful enough to handleit in decent speeds anytime soon. As the proud owner ofa Dreamcast I must say that I haven't seen anything likethat on PC based games, and having a pretty updated systemI guess we won't see anything Dreamcast-like emulated fastfor a long while (year+).
Good things I've heard from the Hot Rod people, Hanaho Games, Inc.. I hada long talk yesterday with an inside source very close towhere it all happens, and it seems that the Capcom dealwill find a brother soon. Something similar seems to behappening with other big players. I don't know if you'venoticed, but if something good has happened to emulationlately, it is the presence and actions of Hanaho gamesthat have helped us. Look for many interesting and surprising news from them in the coming Mills.
Going back to our biggest emulator, MAME, look fora coming celebration very soon as they've reached a coupleof marks and important dates. I would expect some kind ofrelease to happen by this weekend, and those avid atfinding curious facts might be able to decipher exactlywhen and why. I'm not certain Nicola will go for it, butit would sure make a lot of sense.
Well I think I will stop with the Rumors for now andget back to work since the amount of work I have pendingis inmense. I can't wait to be done with the two new serversin place. I'm sure you will love it once everything hasbeen settled.

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