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The Rumor Mill - September 23,1999 by JoseQ
I know many of you have been waiting for the Rumor Millthis week as it has been coming kind of late during the pastfew editions and the latest IRC greet seems to be: "JoseQ, where's the Rumor Mill?". Anyways, I'm ready to let you inon a few tidbits I've heard regarding various topics thatare quite hot. I would also like to give a little moreinfo on the RetroFX project since many people seem to stillhave a lot of questions about it. So let's get it on!
First, a note about MAME. Have you checked the officialMAME page lately? Have you seen all those updates? All Ican say is "Wow!". This next release is promising to besomething out of this world. And I know many of you feltthat this could never happen again. Well to tell you moreabout what you've read about already (R-type) and theM72 gang, you might be surprised to learn that there'sa lot more coming. Remember promises never delivered bythe emu known as "M72"? Well, MAME will deliver, and Idon't mean in the far future. Also, remember those gamesthat Retrocade supported that MAME didn't? (Arch Rivals,Power Drive) Expect that to end very soon as well.Enough about MAME for now, we'll get what we've beenwaiting for soon enough. I know my new server will get avery good load on its first days of service thanks to thenumber of games in the coming MAME.
Want to learn stuff about RetroFX? Well, not reallyany news, but some clarifications. Many people have takenthe assumption of RetroFX going commercial with GnG as toit being a copyright infringement with Capcom and that itcould only hurt emulation. Well, let me add a few piecesto the puzzle so that you don't have to deviate from thepossibilities. Don't you think the people behind RetroFXwould at least try to get a license from Capcom beforedoing a commercial project of this kind? I bet that's whatthey're trying to do although I really don't know for sure.I can tell you this, if it was me, I'd go for it, and withthe way Capcom is behaving these days, who knows what could happen. Still please keep in consideration that nothing hasbeen determined as of yet, but also remember that RetroFXwill not try to sell a product so deeply copyrighted asGhost'n'Goblins is without their permission first.
The other thing that maybe needs a little clarificationis about the term 'Demo' that they use about their firstand public release (of course for free). People have beenwondering about what will the demo include, or more importantly, what will it not include or do. Well, the'Demo' as I understand it will be a fully playable, fullyimplemented, and fully RetroFX'd version of GnG. The limitations will come as to how far in the game you willbe able to play, or more likely, how far in the game thegraphics, sound and animation will be RetroFX'd. My visionis a RetroFX'd Level 1, and the rest stays as is with onlyArthur looking as sharp as he was meant to look since he'sthe same sprite in all levels. The music for level 1 at leastwill also be the revamped version. I hope that clears thingsup a bit.
More Rumors? Let me check the bag. Oh yes, I hear that one of the older sites in emulation will be sporting a newdesign very soon. Not only that but more than a handful ofsites (emulators and other) will be opening their doors under that umbrella as well. That won't be all. Just staytuned for the announcement when it happens. I will more thanlikely have a mention here.
Want to hear a little about v7800, the one and onlyAtari 7800 emulator? Well, development of the stand-aloneemulator will probably stop in light of MESS actuallyregaining momentum and possibly coming out with a releasein the close future. Thus Atari 7800 will be merged intothe emulator by Dan Boris and development will continueas part of that emulator. That's what my reports areshowing. I guess it all depends on how MESS starts moving.
The rest of the rumors in the bag still carry the'confidential' label on them, thus I can't really commenton them. I can only say that there will be some surprisingelements showing up in the not so distant future. Until nextweek, I'll close the bag, and wait for my correspondantsto drop in a few more rumors. Thanks for reading!

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