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Anticupid's Rumor ReView - September 29,1999 by anticupid
Since there are not a lot of new Rumors floating around this week to update you on this weeks edition of the Rumor ReView, I will instead focus on past rumors that have quietly, and slowly dissapeared without mention or confirmation. By mentioning them here once again, hopefully, it will trigger some light to be shed on the different topics.
First up is the Sega System32 emulator in development. As some of you mayrecall Ivilded was posting pictures and news on his site before The Impactreally took over. So far all the screen shots of this emulator have shown itrunning "Golden Axe 2" however judging from the screen shots it was gettingclose to fully working state and should have been ready for a releasesometime soon when it disappeared. It also was suppose to be working onemulating other System32 games such as "Sonic Arcade" and "Rad Mobile" whichmay spark an interest in some of you to try and dig up some more informationon this emulator.
Going a little further back in time we had a rumor about a dynamicrecompiling Williams emulator that was in the works. Besides the bigfighting titles of "Mortal Kombat" and "Mortal Kombat 2" this emulatorpromised to greatly improve the speeds of "Smash TV" and other Williamsgames from the early to middle nineties. Very little was known about thisemulator at the time although there were beta versions making the rounds ininner circles of the emulation community so there should be someone withinformation on this project.
Another highly anticipated project from this spring was the Jas-Sys1emulator, which was actually able to achieve really good speeds for NamcoSystem 1 games. We saw three beta versions of this game with a more completeversion promised that would have included support for all the Namco System 1games found in Mame, most notable being "Splaterhouse". Recently a web pagehas shown up with a graphic for a section called "Jass" which could benothing more than a typo for Jrok's first emulator, JAS, but it could alsobe a new emulator from Jrok. Before releasing his System 1 emulator Jrok wasquiet for almost a year, could the lack of updates to his emulators mean hisis working on something again? This is pretty much open to speculationunless someone has some inside information to spill...
Some people in the scene are speculating that with the addition of the onlyunique games from Retrocade into the next version of Mame that it will bethe end of this once promising emulator. There was hope at one point as thedevelopment team pledged to make their beta builds available to all howeveronly one build was ever released and they have since gone on to circulate aprivate beta of a Windows version. Recent news also has them working on aWindows CE version and their original goal was for Mac and Unix versions aswell.
Another emulator that had a lot of promise like Retrocade was HiVe. Early inthe summer JoseQ was reporting that a new build should be available soon butthat build never happened. We also never found out why this build was heldback however news has come forward that Larry Banks is working on a WindowsCE emulator that will likely go commercial. The commercial aspirations forLarry Banks projects have been heard on and off for a while now so maybethis time something will actually develop.
And what about the Dead Serious Clan, they were the first to emulate the NeoGeo and even talked about taking that project commercial however nothing hasdeveloped on that front. The also created the Shark emulator that covered alot of the games that Raine has been leaning towards emulating lately.Speculation has been they are winding down their Shark project and that anew version should not be expected. JoseQ did mention they have something onthe horizon but the every elusive members of this group haven't dropped anyhints of their own.
Not to be forgotten, there was a private beta version of an updated PSEmuPro emulator that got leaked indicating the development team over there wasstill working away on their project. The leak of the private beta greatlyupset the team and caused them to cancel any further releases. Did theiranger cause them to leave the scene or are they secretly working on aproject that will one-day make a big impact in emulation like their originalrelease did?
Lastly, there is the Rage team. There have been many surprises from thisgroup in the past that first came to attention with their Rage emulator thatwas the first to bring us the M-72 games recently added to Mame. Before Ragewas suddenly abandoned in favor of NeoRage there was hope that they wouldadd support of M-92 games such as "R-Type Leo". Almost as quickly as theyabandoned Rage NeoRage was left behind after it was hacked to support gamesthe developers did not approve of. They then reappeared with a Windowsversion of NeoRage after a long silence. While NeoRageX is an excellentemulator there are still a few problems left to fix so they could be workingon an update to that. They also hinted at the possibility of updating Ragewith a Windows version. It could even be possible they are working on awhole new project or left the scene. Anything it possible in the everturbulent world of emulation...

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