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The Rumor Mill - September 30,1999 by JoseQ
Well boys and girls, it is time once again to post theall too famous Rumor Mill. Why do I say famous? Well, I'vebeen reading through the sites that link to this one, andit seems that the Rumor Mill is all there is to EmuViews.Don't get me wrong, I don't mind when I find "EmuViews - Rumors and some news" among the link sections in othersites, I just find it quite curious. However, I'm sureyou're not here to read about that kind of curious findings,but to the other type of curious findings, the Rumors. SoI won't hold you up much longer, here they are:
I would first like to clear something up about Retrocade since yesterday's Rumor ReView by anticupid seemsto have made people think that it was on it's way out. I canassure you that it isn't, and it is being actively workedon. Perhaps it doesn't have the development speed it oncehad, but it is indeed being worked on. What was released ofa Windows version was an Alpha, which is to say a very earlyversion of the port. However, the question about when willwe see something happen again remains unanswered. I have tosay that sparkles of life has been surfacing on the Retrocade beta testers list, and this means that the wheelsare moving. I will try to have a detailed report on what toexpect soon.
Speaking about big arcade emulators, the word on somestreets (although not the official streets), is that theOfficial Windows port of the latest MAME may be comingalong faster than the previous updates. This happeningbecause apparently this latest build was the easiest tocompile in a long time. I've heard that they're alreadydoing the last rounds of testings before release. Maybewe get MAME32 tonight? Who knows for sure, but it seemslike a possibility.
And speaking of yet another big arcade emulator. Itseems like since we just started the fall season, it's timefor some Raine. I've heard by way of some of my spy birds,that 0.26 may be coming along even sooner than expected.With it, hopefully we will see the release of the twosecret games which were included in the latest release.Other things I've heard is that some hidden games in versions such as 0.24 were never even discovered. But tobe honest, when codes like that are involved, how are wesupposed to discover it? I think the date idea with someof the previous versions worked out better for all of us.
You might have learned about the site that is gettingrevamped this week from the Rumor Mill last week and theirannouncement placed a few days ago. Yes, Emulators Unlimitedwill be opening its doors tomorrow in an all new fashion,with more of everything. Hopefully it will make a nicecomeback, since I've also heard rumors about it standingon shaky grounds in the past. This seems like a niceconfidence boost.
And now, this may come as a surprise to you, but thenagain it was a surprise to me. I got a very awesome giftby someone completely unknown. You could say I have been'Impacted', but what indeed happened is that I received analpha version of "The Impact", one of the secretly developedemulators in existence. Well not so secretly you might saysince we're allowed to talk about it, and even show yousome pics like this one:

I can't really say much about it since honestlyeither I don't know, or can't tell. You may be wonderingabout the size of the window, well the emulator is ableto render into any size window you desire, since it's allreal-time rendered in 3D anyhow. In it you can select froma couple of different renderers, Direct 3D, Open GL andGlide are all available. And the speed? Well, let's justsay it's great. Again what I have with me is an alphaversion so I can't say much about it, since it's in veryearly development stages, but you can rest assured thatas soon as I gain more details, they will make their wayonto this section.
And I think that's enough for this edition of theRumor Mill. Now you know that this will be a good sourcefor information on this new and upcoming emulator. If youhave any questions about it, feel free to discuss it atour Message Board. Thanks for reading!

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