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The Rumor Mill - October 07,1999 by JoseQ
It has been one heck of a quiet week, don't you agree?And what better to change the tune of things than to posta good'ol Rumor Mill. I may not have what you would call 'incredible' rumors this week, but let's see. I've got pics, I've got Impact, I've got rumors that would have a great impact on the Emulation scene as a whole. So what do you say, should we dig into the Rumor bag right now? Let's get it on!
So do you want to go right into the pics part of thesection? Well, believe it or not, my correspondants haveintercepted an archive actually meant to go into theRaine emulator page. I'm sure it will make it's way there,but what if you saw it here first? The archive in questionwas meant to display a couple of screenshots from a newgame that has been added to none other than the awesomeRaine emulator. If you follow this link you'll see what I'mtalking about. In it, a couple of cool screenshots of "Ghox"which is a vertical shooter game which looks very goodactually.
Impact progress has been coming along slowly but surelyas usual. Pics have been shown by Ivilded of "StarGladiators 2" running on the Impact, and as far as new gamesare concerned, that's pretty much it. Games like "Street Fighter EX 2" that used to have a couple of problems no longer have them, and cool features like ZIP support arealso being worked on. Isn't it amazing, that all thiscoming from an Alpha version? There seems to be not muchtalk about releasing this any time soon, so please don'tget your hopes up. I've also received neat comments frompeople preferring for me not to even mention non-releasedemus, but isn't that the whole point of the Rumor Mill?I believe I should keep you informed of what's coming andwhat's not. The Impact is coming, it'll just be a whileand I'll keep you up to date on it's progress.
Remember a while ago I mentioned another big playerfollowing Capcom's steps in taking emulation to the nextstep? Well, it seems it'll be a while before I can pointsome fingers, but I'll narrow it down a bit by tellingwhat I consider to be major Arcade players. Those who fitthe description would be: Namco, Midway, Taito, AtariGames, Sega, Konami, Data East, Tecmo, Jaleco. In anideal world, all of these companies would jump into theemulation bandwagon, but we can only hope, and get themall to join one by one. Expect an announcement within amonth.
Look also for other major emulation related hardwarebeing announced and released pretty soon. I will have morenews on that as they appear, and possibly ReViews and InterViews on the people making that happen. Rumor has itthat EmuViews may even give away a cabinet to celebratethe end of the millenium. That all depends on the supportthe site gets from here on forward.
Well I think I'll cut it here, since there's reallynot much going on in the world of emulation. I'm actuallysurprised this week has been that quiet. All we need isprobably a bunch of supported Raine games to be releasedsoon... cough cough... I didn't say that. And we obviouslydidn't have that Raine release last weekend, which leftus with the question "Where's Mario?" not meaning Nintendo'sMario, but Raine's very own Mario Silva. He did make anappearance later on, so maybe things are on track for arelease soon. Hey, if it happens, you know where you readit first: The Rumor Mill. Have a great week!

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