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A Year Ago Today... - October 08,1999 by JoseQ
Oddly silent week still... Hopefully the comingweekend will spice things up a bit. So I'm figuring, let'sjust go back for a moment, and look at the very interestingtimes emulation was having a year ago today... I'm suremany of you will remember the couple of instances I'llmention since this and another site became the focal pointof attention for a few days, and simply because a thingcalled 'bleem!'.
Very heated up times by this time of the year, lastyear. The emulator known as bleem! had just popped ontothe scene, and I simply didn't like the idea of somethingbeing hyped up that much, and while it still being nowhereto be seen, had already commercial written all over it.It really sounded like a scam, which in emulation is notall too uncommon. bleem! did become a reality, however, inmy opinion, it still fails to deliver on that list thatwas distributed among some web sites more than a year ago.This was basically my point when I wrote my first articletitled "Truth or Fake" which in it, I admit, I didn't give them the benefit of the doubt, causedin part because I spoke to the wrong person on the phone.While I'm not sure who it was, the person didn't reallyhave much of a technical background to answer my questionsthus leading me to believe it was just a person tryingto fool the emulation world.
In Part II of the same article I ranthrough the specs list, which as you know, may have beena little higher than what exists today. Specially in thesound aspects, compatibility and what was apparently amis-interpretation when they said their target platformof a Pentium 166MHz. After a few conversations with theprogrammer, he explained to me that 'target platform'means the least common denominator in which any type ofplayable status can achieved with any one game in particular. I don't share that opinion, that's also whyit sounded so unbelievable to me. You may be having agreat laugh reading through those articles, and franklyI do too, so go ahead, laugh, it's on me.
Finally, on my last article of theseries I tried to explain my point by mentioning mybottom line. And that was that "If Bleem is not fake, it will not be with the specs they claim.". And that, stillholds true to this day, a full year after the incident.While I do admit that bleem! seems to be widely succesfulas you can find it in any store, it has also received mixedreviews from pretty much every gaming magazine out there.Coming from the emulation background bleem! may not seemall that bad, but in the computer gaming industry, apparently it's not all that. However, improvements arestill being made, and bleem! certainly looks to be thebest Playstation emulator there is today.
Finishing the bleem! topic, we can go back to otherthings happening those days like for example ROMLIST getting it'sown domain. I'm glad to finally mention a site on the"Year Ago Today..." article, where the site still exists.ROMLIST is definitely not what it was a year ago, but I'mglad it's still being updated from time to time.
That same day, October 6th, Thunder Beta was released. Thunder was the first publically available "Rolling Thunder" emulator, and a much awaited game that was.We were all definitely drooling to get our hands on itand it was certainly a happy day for all of us.
Well, aside from bleem! as you can see, there wasreally not much going on by those dates. Remember tolook back here for more retro-retro news in a few days.Thanks for reading!

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