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From the makers of HotRod... - October 14,1999 by JoseQ
As you may have guessed, I've been working closely withHanaHo during the past few weeks or so, brewing a coupleof good things for the emulation scene that I can stillnot tell you about. It is for the same reason that I amable to post these great news to you. HanaHo has justmade the ArcadePC Mini available for orderingthrough their site. The specs are finished, the websiteis complete, and they are just waiting to ship one ofthese puppies to you!
First, a couple of links. This is ArcadePC Mini Website, which alsoincludes a link for the Official Press Release of the product.

Here are some of the features of this amazing machine:

  • Built-In 19" Wells Gardner VGA U3100 Monitor
  • Printed Graphic Marquee with backlighting
  • Built-In Speaker System
  • Pull-out Keyboard Drawer
  • Cabinet Fan, Power Strip and Leg Levelers
  • 6" Cabinet Stand (Optional)
  • HotRod Control Panel (Optional)
  • Coin Door (Optional)

    So basically, if you ever dreamed of hearing theGalaga attract mode sounds inside your house, this is yourchance. With the HotRod SE the thing would come just undera thousand bucks, which considering the quality of thebuild, the monitor and sound included, it's really nottoo bad. We're talking about a crowd magnet at the ClassicGaming Expo show in Las Vegas.
    For those wondering, this is not the same as a full sizecabinet. It comes in a bit smaller for better space economyin your room. With the 6" Cabinet Stand, it would be astall as a regular size cabinet though. The Monitor andHotRod control panel should satisfy even the most hardcoreStreet Fighter fans, as well as any other emulated gameout there.
    This is the chance you've been waiting for a long time,to have an Arcade at home. So get those orders rolling, asthey will be in hot demand (they are being featured inNovember's issue of Computer Gaming World which goes onsale in a few days) so hurry up, visit the web site, getinformed, fall in love, and order!

    One Article Up: Come Back 64 for Windows Beta 3!
    One Article Down: WinUAE 0.8.8 Release 8!

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    Name: iMPULSE Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 - (19:34)
    Subject: Arcade Full Pc
    I was palnning to get a 700 mhz athlon setup, But Now It seems that I'll hold off for a Full size Arcade Pc. Boy gamming street fighter on that thing must really be noce. Buts it too expensive though, never-the-less I will get it.

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    Name: kalim0ch0 Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 - (17:38)
    Subject: una pena
    Hard to ship to Europe I suppose, or at
    least, EXPENSIVE :-(( I will have to

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    Name: Brad Posted: Saturday, October 16, 1999 - (3:01)
    Subject: Nice but Pricey
    Great idea but given exchange rates and
    shipping it would probably cost me
    $2000.00 for Australians (sigh!!!!)

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    Name: Bob Posted: Friday, October 15, 1999 - (15:03)
    Subject: Not as good as the real thing.
    I'd rather make my own with a real cab!

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    Name: Torgo Posted: Sunday, October 17, 1999 - (4:57)
    Subject: Re: Not as good as the real thing.
    >I'd rather make my own with a real cab!

    Uh, I think you're missing the point. That thing IS the real thing. Except for the fact that it runs off a computer instead of a PCB, and the fact that it is 6" too short (which you can fix with the optional stand) all the parts on the ArcadePC are real arcade parts. The monitor is a real arcade monitor, The joysticks are Happs Super 8 way joysticks (the best real arcade joysticks you can get in my opinion, these are the same sticks that are on almost all the games in my local arcade) and the cabinet is made by Hanaho, who supply arcade cabinets to the video game industry! How much more of "the real thing" does it have to be?

    Furthermore, "the real thing" should be left alone if it is a working cabinet or restored if it is repairable. These things are getting older and older, and will soon be a part of history. Working classic arcade cabinets are not a renewable resource. There will be very few left some day, so as many as possible shopuld be preserved. Now,if you found a trashed, non-working cabinet to convert, that's another story...

    But the main point that I wanted to make was my first. It dont get much more real than this, and after building my own fully functional mame cabinet, let me tell ya, just shelling out $900-1000 for a finished product that is probably way more polished and pro than anything most people could whip up in thier sparetime, in my opinion, is a way better deal than spending the time and money to build your own.

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    Name: Bob Posted: Monday, October 18, 1999 - (10:53)
    Subject: Re: Re: Not as good as the real thing.
    Let's just say that Size matters.

    It's a mini unit. Isn't part of the thrill of using a cabinet its sheer dimentions?

    Hell, I spent about $1600 on my cabinet (with a 25" monitor, to boot). The experience was half the fun.

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    Name: Qrayg Posted: Friday, October 15, 1999 - (9:58)
    Subject: Awww Yeahhh!!
    I ordered one about 4 weeks ago and I should have it very soon. I'm very excited. :)

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    Name: Bytie Posted: Friday, October 15, 1999 - (3:39)
    Subject: Arcade Cabinet
    ~200$ Shipping to Europe? Think I can hold off my urge to buy one - for about a weeks time maybe...

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    Name: JoseQ Posted: Friday, October 15, 1999 - (12:42)
    Subject: Re: Arcade Cabinet
    I don't think that's too bad considering the size and weight of this thing. It's probably in the 200 lbs range. No standard carrier would take it for less.


    >~200$ Shipping to Europe? Think I can hold off my urge to buy one - for about a weeks time maybe...

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    Name: Dorsola Posted: Thursday, October 14, 1999 - (19:47)
    Subject: Oooo, Can I have one mommy? Can I Can I Please Please Please???
    I want it. BAD.

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    Name: Geoffrey Posted: Thursday, October 14, 1999 - (19:06)
    Subject: Beautiful
    This should be such a wonderful gift for Christmas.

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    Name: Dreamer Posted: Thursday, October 14, 1999 - (18:13)
    Subject: great machine...
    Very nice setup... will definately own a place in my home.

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    Name: FRM Posted: Thursday, October 14, 1999 - (16:49)
    Subject: new from hot rod
    all this is very nice...but it will a dream forever :(

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