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EV News - Week In Review - June 29,1998 by JoseQ
Well, I accept, I almost forgot. I should have written this earlier,although it will always be on Mondays. To see the index of articlesposted at EmuViews go Here. This week was not very excitingas other weeks have been. What reasons could have caused this isbeyond me, but perhaps after all the news in the previous weeks, authorsare just taking a deep breath before continuing the rush.
Lets see what went on... Early last week we saw the release ofNeoRAGE 0.0015 which was a very awaited release since it supportedsome of the bigger games which have caused the net to move a littleslower than usual. The rush for Neo Geo games is incredible, and thesize of the ROMs doesn't help one bit.
After that we saw a little progress on Psyke starting to work withsome commercial Demos as well as True Reality running it firstdemo callse "firedemo" at twice the speed of Project Unreality. Developmenton both systems is moving along quite nicely, although as everything elsewithing my numerous bookmarks, they haven't moved for quite a whilenow.
Then we got the good news that the System16 page was goingnowhere, it would remain under Thierry's updates provided by Nao. Thierrymoved to more of a helping role rather than development which makeshis retirement look not as sad.
A new version of SNEmulcame out as well as the all new Replay+. Replay+ was a nice additionto our Emulators Roster because it includes NetPlay on classic games.Something we would all like to see included in MAME sometime. Netplayauthor, Kevin Brisley coded an open platform to make it easyfor driver developers to add games to Replay+ with ease. We will probablysee how that's going in a possible upcoming InterView.
Some more exciting things were still left to happen during this pastweek. Psyke started playing Commercial Games! It gets stuck in the middleof them, but anyways, it is a start. We are keeping a close eye on that,don't worry.
MAME32finally decided to jump in the Beta bandwagon andreleased Beta6 of MAME in its Windows form. This is good for us peoplein which case MAME32 runs faster than MAME and also for the WindowsNT population where MAME runs poorly if at all. I don't know wetherMAME32 will be kept up to date with Beta releases but my guess is thatit will not. It will probably make spontaneous releases every few betasor so. As many web authors (and probably myself soon) think, betas areway too much trouble, except for playing purposes.
The last exciting bit of new stuff in the week was the new version of Callus.After this, and the official acceptance of Cyberthrill being Fake, nothingelse seemed to made a sound during the whole weekend.
EmuViews was not ready to let it go just like that so we popped outan InterView with Larry Bankin which he gave us the lowdown on C.A.G.E. We also showed you the newThunder Home Pagefeaturing what was known as ThundEM, the Rolling Thunder Emulator.

Hopefully it justmeans the sea was calmed, and getting ready for a storm. This week in theUS we have a Holiday weekend which means authors here may do one of twothings. Either party a lot, or make use of the freetime for coding. Who knowswhat will happen, maybe we get some real fireworks on the 4th of July. Asalways, we will just wait and see.
As for the Week In Review, I will try to move it to Sunday eveningsso that people that read from work, can get an early Monday news reviewof what went on (and so that people in Australia which are already onTuesday, get it in the mornings too). Take care you all, and thanks forreading!

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