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Space Quest Series for Amiga available! - November 28,1999 by JoseQ
Yet more Sierra games are appearing at the Back to the Roots website. The latest addition include theincredibly awesome "Space Quest" series from the firsttitle up to their fourth installment. Aside from RogerWilco, Chuck Rock also makes it's way to the site, as wellas the Fatal Mission series. There are even more titlesthat have recently become downloadable thanks to Sierra'sagreeing with BTTR allowing them to post the games. If you'rean Amiga games fan, visit the site, and enjoy those coolgames. I definitely recommend the "Space Quest" ones, sinceI played through all of them, and completely loved them!

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Name: Andywarlock Posted: Wednesday, December 1, 1999 - (17:17)
Subject: adventures
There are still some good adventures coming out. Grim Fandango is unbelievable, the humour is very dark but hilarious. Gabriel Knight blew me away with the story, the second one wasn't as good as the first but still had an excellent story Gabriel Knight 3 should be fantastic (I hope). The first one seemed better because there were more actions, instead of just clicking everywhere to hit on a solution which was also a problem with beneath the steel sky which was unbelievably easy, but good story. Sorry about ranting but I love adventures.

Just one more question. Did darkseed 2 ever come out on the PC, does anyone know?

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Name: Roach Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 - (0:59)
Subject: Hey now! point and click wasnt all bad...
I love the old graphic adventures myself but I feel there were some really good point and click adventures too.... KGB (conspiricy) was point and click and it ruled(a personal favorite) and what about the monkey island series? Those were some of the best graphics adventures evere written bar none! I clicked and I was happy! hmm Simon the sorcerer? I think that was point-n-click too, killer games.... I loved em all...

and heres one for ya... if you loved some of these old games and originally played em on a PC go try em out on the amiga (emus) and check out how much better the sound is! in fact just last nite I played the pc version of kgb and couldnt belive how poor the sound was by comparison!! Its worth looking :)

Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy was hands down one of the best adventures ever.... played it from beggining to end on my c64 -when it was new even- then cried when no sequel was ever released... (right???? no 3rd party picked it up did they???)

hmm.... blah blah my point? all retro rules :) even the pointy clickers


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Name: Hale-Bopp Posted: Monday, November 29, 1999 - (18:42)
Subject: Questmaster 2000
That were those days...

Adventuregames aren't the same any more.
We hardly see any adventure games these days actually.
All these interactive movie-style games doesn't have that same old feeling.

I'd gladly spend some buckaziods on a good old fashioned, crappy graphics, beepy sound, open door, take orat-on-a-stick, kind of game.
It's the feeling that counts, and not the famous actors.
Too bad they don't make them like that any more...

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Name: Beatle Posted: Monday, November 29, 1999 - (7:37)
Subject: I Agree
Those were the days,

I had purchased Police Quest, Leisure Suit
Larry and it took three months to finish

When they went to oint and click, a game could be
done a a matter of hours!


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Name: Gerald Gorman Posted: Sunday, November 28, 1999 - (23:53)
Subject: Oh... those sierra games
...really kicked some asses.

Specially when you had to type something to get into the action. I clearly remember stop playing sierra games when instead of typing, you just "point and click", which I hate.

Who can forget those endingless nights playing King's Quest series, or Hero's Quest (later named Quest For Glory)... at that time (I think), you needed a powerful 286 @16Mhz to play KQ4, with CGA emulation on an Hercules based video...


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