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Week In Review - Late again - July 06,1998 by JoseQ
Well I can only apologize for being late again with the Week InReview... With the wedding, move and house guest, I can only beslow and late at best. I will try to handle everything as much as I canwith the time allowed. As always I'm shooting to do a lot. Latest goal isto build some kind of batch file or executable that handles all the ROMmerges for the next MAME betas... We'll see how that goes. But nowwe have a week to review.
First of all, here is the Index forlast week. Please drop me aline if you're actually using this index, cause otherwise I'll stop writing it.It does take time you know? =). Lets see...
So last week we continued with the recession of action from theEmulation world. No new emulators were released, no big updates, nottoo much to report. Luckily I managed to post two InterViews. First stopwas Mr LarryBank interViewed in which he detailed C.A.G.E. inside and out. Avery interesting InterView if you ask me. Later in the week it was anInterViewwith Jimmy Hamm which I got to post. We got to talk about Thunder,his upcoming Rolling Thunder Emulator. And also we had an InterViewwith Kevin Brisley in which we take a look at Replay+ and whatnet games and the future hold for the Emulation scene.
Also during the week, we had some minor updates including thedelay of System16 DirectX which should be out during this week. Ireceived the final beta yesterday which played very good. I had onlyone minor bug to report but I guess it runs back to the original emulatorinstead of this port. Other than that, the author is compiling a FAQwhich will be released with the emulator. Should be a couple of days now.The new ROMs will be here as well.
ROMLIST made oneof those extraordinary releases last week with Samurai Showdown 2.This is another highly requested Neo Geo game which everyone got todownload last wednesday. EV didn't get to host it due to the space problemsthat had been haunting us. Good news on that subject, space problemsshould exist no more... As soon as Internic gets updated, EmuViews willtransmit from a newer source. Change will be transparent to the readersbut the speed and space changes will be benefitial to you all.
Later in the week, we posted about MAMEnetwhich will be sort of another port of MAME which will include a chatwindow and Network play. Something most of us are looking forward to.Unfortunately ISDN or better will be required to play. Maybe someoptimization is done, but thats how it is working at the moment.
Lastly but not leastly, RAINE author Richard Bush, informedthat the emulator should be out within next week. This is something weare all looking forward. Did I hear Wrestlefest sounds? Oh yes I did hearthem and it sounds great... Can you wait?

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