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Yet more Releases! Snes9x 1.29! - January 23,2000 by JoseQ
Gary has just updated the Snes9X Home Page with various news. More importantly, a new releaseis now available which is a big fix for 3dfx owners andactually, everyone. You can get this new version from theEmulator Download Page. It fixes a nasty bug in NMI Handling that could cause any game to fail. Other changes includethe disabling of the SPC700 noise feature simulation until it works better, DirectX/3dfx code has been rewritten which should fix the crashing some users were facing, and more. Check out their page for all the details. On other news, due to fan support and e-mail, Jerremy has mentioned thatWWEmu will continue to exist!

One Article Up: The Last of Raine? Comments...
One Article Down: Releases Continue! NESten 0.6b8!

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Name: @nt Posted: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 - (11:31)
Subject: I like Snes9x but....
I like both Znes as well as Snes9x.
However, the direct input support of Snes9x
is better, my new USB joystick can't use in
Znes anymore.
Happy to hear the recently update of Snes but
why I can't have my old game save work on 1.29?
Also, when will have the support of
. (I guess everyone know
but the first clock
tower is by Snes and it the greatest of the series.

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Name: Raphael Posted: Monday, January 24, 2000 - (12:34)
Subject: SNES9x
I _like_ SNES9x. Of course, I like ZSNES, too, but I was delighted to see that SNES9x is not dead as I had feared it was. It's a fine emulator, and more releases of it only means improved gaming for all involved. People who complain upon a new release don't seem to realize that 1) it's free and no one _makes_ them download it, and 2) what a huge committment and sacrifice programming one of those things is. How about some appreciation here?

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Name: Crisis Posted: Monday, January 24, 2000 - (6:26)
Subject: Awesome
I luv Snes9x its an Awesome SNES emu i see a new relaese and i check it out straight away. I'm pretty sure the Zsnes and Snes9x Authors have helped each other out in the past with information. But Zsnes may never be updated again. Last time the Zsnes crew said they might not relaese again they did release a new version and according to some old news on the Zsnes page they had a few things they would like to implement before they stop wotking on the project. But lets praise the Snes9x Crew for makin an emulator thats just as fun with high compalibility and awesome features. But yea I check the Zsnes page daily for a new release.

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Name: ThumB Posted: Sunday, January 23, 2000 - (18:20)
Subject: Umm...
I Want My Zsnes! Where the heck is their new release?

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Name: MameGod Posted: Monday, January 24, 2000 - (0:42)
Subject: Re: Umm...
>I Want My Zsnes! Where the heck is their new release?

It's no wonder emu authors are quitting in full force, with losers like this around. HIS Zsnes? Yeah HOW DARE the Zsnes team not make a release the same hour that Snes9x did......

Listen up children. Take what you get and be happy. As far as arcade emu's go, we are basically down to Mame and Mame only......wouldnt it just suck if they went back to private beta's? Losers like this can make that happen.

Console emu's arent that much different. Most of the good ones cost $$$ to play, and many more are quitting all the time.....all because of a few immature brats who cant read directions and expect the world out of these people who program emus to help us relive our favorite games of days past.

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