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Week In Review - July 13,1998 by JoseQ
Ooh, I think I'm early this week with the Week In Review.Well this week is going to be a very busy week in my life. I'll be gettingmarried in 5 days, my folks and in-laws are flying in today, plus I haveto work and keep up with the site. Nevertheless, I'm here to tell you allwhat went on this week. Here's the Indexfor last week. Not too exciting at the beginning, but a pretty good ending.
Since our last review, we got some Sad Newsabout Emulation Camp being closed. They were closed because somelame-o-visitor decided to tell Simplenet, their unfriendly host, that EChosted or linked to ROMs and Emulators. They are still looking for a placeto re-surface, so for those Emulation Camp fans, just you wait, they willbe up soon.
After that we got some news about a new game that made it intoSystem16 called Major League. More on that later. Two days later,we all read about MAME & Neo-Geo.It seems the MAME team has been contemplating adding Neo-Geo intothe roster of games. MAME of course, being an Arcade Emulatorwould only support the Arcade versions of the games. Some inside gossiphas pointed out to me that development is very preliminary, and thatthe engine is completely broken as of Beta 6 and no one knows why.At least we know it is in development.
Finally, came Friday, and all we could say was TGIF. Wefinally got a big time Emu release after a long while. NeoRAGEcame out friday evening knocking down the very high memory requirementssome games used to have. This helps out a lot of people that only had32MBs of RAM. Now they also can play Metal Slug and the such. Notso good news for Cyrix people, they can't play this version because ofa Pentium Only instruction, talk about 100% compatibility. More on thatlater today.
I then posted some mistaken news about System16DX coming outon Saturday. Or maybe I didn't. I may have accidentaly understood wrongthat it was coming out on Saturday as I was told by the author it wascoming "tomorrow". But counting the many hours difference between us,he might have meant Sunday and I didn't notice. Nevertheless, cameSunday and we all got it. System16 DX came outand you all got a chance to play what I had been talking about in mybeta reports. I definitely love it, do you?
This all happened after unexpected releases of a new Snes9xand a new SneMUL releaseon Archeides birthday.
Finally, late Sunday (Monday in the UK), marked the release ofthe much awaited Raine.You all wanted to play Wrestlefest with sound and you finallygot a chance. I must say it adds a lot of fun to it to have a move by movecomentary while you play. There's nothing like it.
Now, will we see MAME this week? I think we will, and I certainlyhope we do, cause otherwise I'll probably miss it during my honeymoon.Fiancee gave me some specific rules for the cruise which involved nocomputers... I wonder if I'll survive... It will be the longest period of timewithout a computer I have ever been for many many years... We'll see...Now come back in 10 minutes cause I have a surprise for you non-Intelpeople...

One Article Up: NeoRAGE also does Cyrix and then some
One Article Down: Raine v0.11a is here!

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