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No Voodoo on Nemu? - March 01,2000 by JoseQ
Wondering why Nemu doesn't work with your 3dfx video card? An explanative update has been posted at the Nemu64 site, detailing why 3dfx cards don't work with Nemu, andthe reasons are fairly simple. 3dfx only boards requireGlide drivers to be developed for the sole purpose ofgames working with 3dfx boards and nothing else. Nemu on theother hand, is developed with the nVidia TNT chipsets inmind, which seems to be a little easier to handle by developers and provider more flexible compatibility. WhileUltraHLE used Glide in their initial release, wrappers areavailable that while slower than native 3dfx boards, stilloffer great speeds. Nevertheless, the next version of UltraHLE will feature an OpenGL driver which will take advantage of most 3D Accelerated cards out there. Even then,guess which ones will be offering the best performance outthere? Most likely, the TNT2.
As both a TNT2 and Voodoo 3 owner, I must say I'm very impressed with my TNT2 board, which coincidentally, was 40% less than what I paid for my Voodoo 3. On my main system, the TNT2 is the video card of choice, so I also recommend you take this route (or of course GeForce if you've got the cash) if you're upgrading your video card. Just wanted to share some of my views on this...

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Name: Posted: Saturday, March 4, 2000 - (7:15)

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Name: Wonko Posted: Friday, March 3, 2000 - (23:28)
Subject: To me, it looks like loyalty, the author hates 3dfx.
The voodoo cards (specially the voodoo 3 agp) have complete support for direct3d and opengl games, i have tested like 80+ d3d games and they work perfectly with it, so why if nemu uses d3d too, why it crashes voodoo cards only? my bet is that the author hates 3dfx, man... im gonna buy a geforce anyways, not many games uses glide now (and they have good d3d support), but that doesn't mean i have a hate attitude against other manufacturers, my 3dfx card is going to be in my second computer.

and hmm. my voodoo 3 3000 agp never gave me problems with vesa resolutions with emus, it is perfect here, i've heard that geforce has serious problems with DOS and emus...

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Name: DrKram Posted: Friday, March 3, 2000 - (7:50)
Subject: Nemu
warlock is correct, the code to cange display card is simple. I would also point out that Nemu does not block V1's and V2 only, it blocks ALL secondary 3D cards, Voodoo cards are just the only ones around now.
I have tryed some of those card switcher programs mentioned above and they don't work.

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Name: IceMan Posted: Thursday, March 2, 2000 - (8:22)
Subject: this is silly
If Nemu doesn't support 3Dfx and claims to support Direct3D then surely some other 3D cards might not work too?

Anyway, when 3Dfx release Voodoo4 & 5 then a good deal of people will buy them (myself included), so by refusing to even consider 3Dfx products, the Nemu authors are restricting their product to certain users only. Why don't they implement OpenGL? Voodoo cards do OpenGL fine (as long as they're using their own OpenGL drivers).

And okay, whilst I can see why supporting add-on cards like voodoo1 and 2 would be tricky, why doesn't Nemu run on Voodoo3 (except in Screenshot mode)?

Ah who cares, UltraHLE will run on OpenGL and so that's the emu I'll stick with.


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Name: warlock Posted: Thursday, March 2, 2000 - (0:12)
Subject: You are mistaken, JoseQ
"...and the reasons are fairly simple. 3dfx only boards require Glide drivers to be developed for the sole purpose of games working with 3dfx boards and nothing else. " (JoseQ)

This information is incorrect, Glide is not an issue and no one is asking for glide, the problem is that one of the Nemu authors, knowing that voodoo2 cards are secondary direct3d devices, does not wish to add a simple routine to allow selection of direct3D device 2 (voodoo2 or voodoo graphics boards).

By blocking the selection of wich card to use, he manages to prevent the use of the secondary card by voodoo1/2 users, he does this for personal reasons, he does not want the voodoo2 card to be available like it is on most direct3D software titles.

My voodoo2 card never gave me any problems in direct3d or full screen openGL, it never needed the extra glide API to work...and I bet it would work with Nemu, if the author in question added the simple routine to select the card as a direct3d device...

Thats what I think, and altough I am not a programmer, and I'm taking a risk claiming that addindgthis small card selection routine is simple, I do this based on the fact that all commercial direct 3d games I've played have this selection routine, and the author in question is a talented programmer who is writing a N64 emulator! So I'm 99% sure he could make the voodoo2 available for Nemu in minutes if he wanted.

This is what the author had to say:

"I refuse to write any special code to accomodate a 3DFX product. Because of this decision, secondary boards such as the Voodoo1 and Voodoo2 do not and will not work with Nemu64." (hWnd)

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Name: Posted: Friday, March 3, 2000 - (1:20)
Subject: Re: You are mistaken, JoseQ
ok, i've seen lots of freeware utilities to work around multiple direct3d devices.. if what you say is true, and its just a matter of nemu! only using the primary device, then theres lots of stuff around the freeware sites that makes your 'secondary' device work by hiding the 'primary' device from the system..

i used to have to use this all the time to stop earlier 3D PC titles from using my bunk-o primary card instead of my voodoo2..

the names escape me now but they all seemed to be called 3d-switcher, 3d-toolbox etc and all seemed to do the same thing..

i havent tried this with nemu, and probably wont bother just cuz of my disinterest in n64 emulation in general, but it seems to me unless hWnd went out of his way to hurt voodoo owners cuz of some childish 'stand by yer video card' pissing contest, then this should be the type of workaround to make nemu go..

btw.. this primary-secondary stuff has nothing to do with 3dfx or voodoo, but with how many rendering-capable devices (even virtual software ones) you have stuffed under the hood of yer pc.. multiple monitors and all that jazz..

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Name: Posted: Thursday, March 2, 2000 - (22:17)
Subject: correcto
i think its quite faggy to deny a perfectly capable d3d and opengl(not to mention glide) card the ability to run their peice of poop emu. i guess they would prefer nemu use my 2 meg ati, which it does. this is probably all the reult of the fanatics and their choice of cards. program for the damn api nemu! not the $!@#ing card! o well, some ppl have their head up nvidia's ass.

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Name: plasmadis Posted: Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - (16:29)
Subject: all-in-wonder 128
nemu is running great on my athlon 500 with an ati all-in-wonder 128. this emu shows great potential, i cant wait to see some further development.

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Name: Tom Petersen Posted: Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - (13:37)
Subject: Jose Q and your Voodoo3
Sorry this is a little off topic, but does your Voodoo 3 have a tv out? I can't get mine to work to safe my life..
The display on the TV seems fine, but the monitor freaks out and looks like some goofy refresh rate problem. #dfx has been less than helpfull...

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Name: stratjakt Posted: Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - (16:58)
Subject: Re: Jose Q and your Voodoo3
turn off your monitor.. it is indeed a refresh rate problem, most monitors wont accept the timing req'd to display on tv.. its unlikely to ruin your monitor, but you probably want to shut it off..

i had this problem with both my all-in-wonder and voodoo3 displaying at 800x600.. 640x480 worked fine.. the problem went away when i got my 17 incher..

an while im on the subject, the voodoo3 seems to crap out for vesa modes on the tv, like 320x240... it only seems to display 640x480 and 800x600.. to make MAME look right, i have to run 320x240 games double sized, which slows em down immensely.. anyone know anything about this? my all-in-wonder ran these lowres vesa modes just fine on the big screen..

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Name: pers Posted: Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - (11:19)
Subject: matrox? Jose

What do you think about the matrox g400 - and has anybody tried this card with Nemu? Its great for PC gaming, has great tv out and copes with the many mame vesa resolutions well but the 3d emulators seem to be optimised either for voodoo or TNT.


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Name: JoseQ Posted: Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - (13:27)
Subject: Re: matrox? Jose
I have read that it is a great card, but I have never personally seen it in action. As I understand it, it has highly optimized OpenGL drivers so for games, it should do quite good, including those 3D emulators.


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Name: Jon Posted: Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - (10:40)
Subject: Jose about the TNT2
Have you been able to get the TNT2 to display
VESA resolutions of 400x300, 512x384 and
480x360. I think the card is great but not being unable to
display those resolutions hurts it a bit in
emulation, unless there's a way I don't know

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Name: JoseQ Posted: Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - (11:03)
Subject: Re: Jose about the TNT2
Hmm, I haven't tried those I think. I rarely play emus on my personal machine, although I do try almost every release at least once.

I usually do double/scanlines so those resolutions may fall out of scope in most cases. For gaming, I do use my Voodoo 3, because that's what's inside my Emu Cabinet...


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Name: 555 Posted: Wednesday, March 1, 2000 - (10:26)
Subject: 555

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