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Why Retrocade? Here's why... - August 06,1998 by JoseQ
There seems to be a debate as to why Retrocadeis necessary or why would it be played? To me thereis no question about why, there are many reasons. It'snot a matter about how many games, and it's not a matterabout leaving MAME for Retrocade. It's amatter about why Retrocade exists, why it issimply great, and why you will most probably like it, and like it a lot! So here are my personal Reasons why:

5. The Looks

Ok, so the games look the same as they do in MAME right? WRONG! Don't theylook like the arcade games too? Oh Yes!. Besides displaying the same thing thatwas displayed in the arcade monitors of yesteryears, there are some other things thatonly Retrocade lets you experience once again. Remember that old Asteroids machinein the Ice Cream shop right across the street? Remember how the monitor was all markedbecause of the long time displaying the same vectors? Yeah, burn-in marks. If you playRetrocade you will get those very same effects you could see there. Thats not all...
Some of these games had a hand drawn transparent backdrop that you could see thatwould give the game a very nice addition. Oh yeah, those made it into Retrocade. Believeme, Asteroids Deluxe will never be the same. And you thought it was cool howMAME displays the vectors since the most recent version? That was inspired byRetrocade which in fact has added some nice touches to vector games. You will see themvery soon.
4. Ease of use
So by now you have your favorite front-end for MAME and you're all set. Well,a new MAME comes out and you're stuck waiting for the front-end once again. Retrocadehas its very own front-end. It is by far, like none other you have ever seen. One look atit and you're intuitively into it, and playing in a snap. It is a very well designed, funto play with, front-end with incredible graphics and touches. You've seen glimpses on thevarious emu pages... you've seen nothing.
3. Style
While playing with Retrocade, you will be inmersed in a whole new experience. Why?Because this emulator was made with style in mind. It looks good, it feels goodand it definitely works good. It is not only the games, but the ambient created bythe different screens, info bars in the games, GUI sounds...
2. Speed
Why would I play Ms. Pac Man at 846 frames per second at home you ask? Well thats notreally a good thing... but think about your daddy on his 486 dying to play some Pac Manonce again. Think about you in an airport with your Laptop that crawls if you want toplay Galaga on MAME. There are certain times when speed is a factor, and Retrocade hasa tank full of Gas and a very powerful V8 when it comes to that area. With recent improvements,it is with no doubt that Retrocade speeds will be unprecedented, and unmatched. This issomething you have to see to believe.
1. It is FOR you
Well, this one isn't made to preserve Arcade games. This one was made with you,the user in mind. If you want an emulator for games, this is it. In the words of theillustrious Shane Monroe of InsertCoin: "Retrocade was designed and is being supported as a 'players' emulator. Thededication of the programmers to support the end user and not add another variant of gamethat is too slow to play. Retrocade is for players - not for the documentation of arcadegame operation; and as an 'end user' product it really shows in the style and presentationof the emulator". Need I say more?
This article is in no way written to bash on MAME in any way. It is just to pointout how good a point Retrocade is making by its fair existence, and why most peoplewill definitely like Retrocade. So if you hadn't considered it before. Now its a good timeto start doing so.

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