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PSEmu Pro's Tratax InterViewed! - September 12,1998 by JoseQ
Not too long ago, PSEmu Pro was released to the public for thefirst time. This was a very awaited emulator since it plays avariety of Playstation games. Playstation is the most popularconsole on the market, thus the greatness of this emulator. Wedecided to drop Tratax a couple of Questions so you cantake a look behind the scenes at PSEmu Pro and his creators.Duddie was too busy to be part of this InterView so we will catchup with him later.

1. So how's PSEmu Pro? Whats next in the list of to-do things?

More and more games are starting to work now, though compatibilityis still a problem. So Duddie will continue on improving compatibility,and I will improve the GLIDE driver, and the CPU core (both speedand compatibility). The GTE also needs improvements.

2. How has the response been since the last release?

Well, the release was maybe a bit too early, so many users hadproblems with the configuration dialog and such, or couldnt useit because of the non-existent IDE support. Luckely IDE supportis now added in the form of MSCDEX.
I only had 1 hate mail for this release, so I guess it is OK,a lot more mails were VERY friendly, or in the form about complainingabout games running too fast.

3. How did you come up with the idea of plug-ins for the emulator?
Well, originally it was only intended for the GPU, because:

  • We dont want to recompile the emulator when there is anothergreat new graphics board.
  • We dont want to have the emulator crash because it is linked tosome glide2x.dll when the user doesnt have glide.
  • we would like someone to be able to make a driver for some graphicscard.
Because this idea worked out so well, we have made almost every devicea plugin now.

4. Do you think it will speed up the development process of PSEmu?

YES ! Examples are the MSCDEX driver, and the soon to be releasedDirectDraw driver. At this moment, there is someone working on anOpenGL GPU driver, someone on a Direct3D GPU driver and someoneis building a Joystick pad plugin.

5. Three months to christmas now. Do you think you will have GrandTurismo running by then still?

I promised Duddie an UltraSCSI 2Gb harddisk if he gets Gran Turismoto run on PSEmu Pro.. so I think Gran Turismo will run soon.(Donations speed up development !)

6. What kinds of games need the most bang from the CPU? (Which gamesdon't run at 100% on your P333)

Mostly 3D games due to lots of GTE usage. For the rest, its hard tosay because for example Frogger runs at 6fps while Forsaken runs at 14fps. I would say that Forsaken uses more of the Playstation thanFrogger does. Do remember that this version is nowhere near fulloptimisation. There a lot of room left for improvement.

7. Will a throttle control be implemented so that it doesnt go over 100%?

I have implemented 'wait for vsync' in the Glide driver, and I thinkthis will also be implemented in the other GPU drivers. This limitsspeed to the refresh rate of the monitor. In case of the 3dfx,it limits to 60hz. This means a PAL playstation game will run a bit toofast. If this is really going to be a problem, we'll see about it then.I consider this to be a 'luxury problem' for now.(You can send this fast processor to me, and I'll exchange it for onethat can barely make 50% of the speed .. now happy ? ;)

8. In the case where game originally don't play at 60fps, can the emulatorgive the feel that the games are playing at a smoother rate (more FPS)but still run at the same speed?

This depends on the way the game updates the screen. I would guess thatin most cases, it will appear to run much smoother. Only time will tell.

9. In a high end system, can you play any of the 3D games with a 3DFX Voodoo2 card at a higher resolution than originally intended?

Currently, the 3dfx display is locked to 640x480 even if the game originallyruns in 320x240. I might make a selector so you can select 800x600 or1024x768. It is not the most important thing right now.

10. Are all the special effects achieved by the Playstation hardwareeffectively emulated yet?

On the new DirectDraw driver it is. The current GLIDE driver is a bitmessy. I will improve it soon, and then almost all effects willbe emulated. A certain transparency mode cannot be emulated because the3dfx doesnt support it.

11. When do you think will we be able to take snapshots (at any speed) thatlook identical to their PSEmu counterparts?

Unfortunately if will almost never be 'playstation perfect'. It will mostlikely look better than the playstation original or worse, dependingon the game.

12. Are you planning a next release? If so, can you put a date stamp?

We'll be updating plugins and new revisions as soon as there has beensome significant improvements. At this rate, something should be updatedat least once a week now. I'm not setting a fixed release dataany more .. not since I was called a 'bastard' for not keepingmy promised release date ...

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