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The Rumor Mill - September 20,2000 by JoseQ
Hello boyos! (girls too by the way) It is this time when I open the bag-o-rumors which has been getting report after report in during the past seven days and let everyone know about them. While many reports came in thin this week, there is some juice in there for everyone. I was hoping to get an Olympic record breaking Rumor Mill (it's a new category I hear) but I think I may be short for that as last week's edition was of epical proportions. Let's see what the birds brought in, shall we?
First off, I know I left everyone halfway there with the HanaHo story about the cocktail cabinets and the USB adapter. The pricing I hear for both of the cabinets should fall below $1500 each. They are considerably more expensive than the Mini, but I guarantee you that the Ms.Pac-Man cabinet looks alone are worth the difference, and the cocktail, well I think this one is a bit harder to build and also comes ready with four sticks instead of just two. I'm sorry, but the pictures did not come in with enough time for this publishing. Hopefully I will get some exclusive pics in the near future. As far as the USB adapter goes, this is probably one of those PS/2 to USB adapters you may find at a computer parts store, so it should do it for you. This week has been incredibly busy so I haven't been able to test the part out that I got in contraband from my contacts there. If enough people ask for it, I will definitely test it soon and post a full report about it.
So let's get on to the software... I had a very weird incident happen to me last Thursday just as the Rumor Mill was being read by everyone. I was sitting peacefully at the local Pizzeria (official food of us software people) when all of the sudden this strange guy gets close to me and pulls up a letter from his overcoat. Putting his sunglasses on before I could look at his face he ran away, I guess he was scared by something. The letter read the following message:

"There might be a release of a Memotech emulator forWindows during this month. Several games will beplayable. There might even be preliminary soundemulation. A Pentium 200 will be needed for 100%speed. The Memotech MTX is a 4MHz Z80 computerwith MSX-type chipset and around a hundred softwaretitles. I will let you know more later.
- Mr. Beige"

Weird you think? As soon as I'm done reading this note, I see another strange guy getting close, but this one didn't seem to have good intentions so I decided to go for the back door as he starts shooting at me! Unfortunately I dropped the note as I fled, but hey I have good memory, so that's probably close to what it said. Who Mr. Beige is or why people shoot at me over this letter is beyond me, but I guess this Rumor reporting is getting a bit out of hand. We even had two birds come in wounded!
Well, that's definitely the craziest thing ever to show up in the Rumor Mill I guarantee you that. Anyhow, Norbert Kehrer, one of the guys that punched (yes punched!) one of my birds out, is working on a "Traverse USA" driver for his JAE collection. Norbert, I'm going to send a special agent from now on, I bet you won't be able to find this one!
Another interesting rumor comes from the FDA as they are warning internet users to beware of a concoction made of apricot seed's that is touted as a Cancer cure! There's a case in Florida which is the governments latest attempt to quell a resurgence of laetrile.
But seriously, remember that Sega CD emulator that I keep mentioning without slapping a name on it? Well, I'm still not going to mention a name, but I did get a report about it. It seems Mr. Author is getting further and further with his 68000 emulator which is getting some games to start showing signs of life now and some demos as well. Remember this is vital to further emulation as a custom built debugger will help incredibly when emulating the Sega CD hardware. However, this author thinks that Atani will be faster to get Sega CD emulation. We'll see how that race goes. This emulator by the way, will be stand-alone.
As for Atani, I did get a report about that as well. The new SegaEmu appears to be much much faster than all previous releases and that applies to all platforms. I hear a new beta should be coming out soon for us that can beta test it. I'm definitely looking forward to that!
Reports from Rockland, RockNES land, come in saying that a new DOS version nears completion while the Windows version is still undergoing a lot of work, albeit at a slower pace than anticipated. The new RockNES however is wearing a brand new sound driver that should put it quite up there with Loopynes. I also hear "Visine" (Megaman II level editor) is on hold although plans still stand to add sprite and object editing capabilities.
We managed to intercept a transmission from SMOG in which the author was ordering a Virtua Fighter board. While this hasn't arrived, it should prove helpful in his work for the emulator. He seems to have developed a method that should disclose all the unknown information about the V60 chip. Not the cleanest of methods, but one that will work nevertheless and reminds me of the days of slapstic cracking that we were fortunate enough to be told about.
Australia is quite crowded now that the Olympics have started down there in Sydney. However, this didn't stop our Aussie correspondent to check in with me about Mimic. What should you expect to see happening with this emulator? A lot! Well, first of all, the release seems to be targetting the end of the month for it to appear before the public, and I mean the end of the month. SMS emulation should definitely be included, while Colecovision is still there, it crashes still, so it might not be included. Gameboy emulation is a possibility although don't count it in just yet. A cool thing that we noticed was how Beaver rejoiced when he found an old old treasure in his machine. It appeared to be an ancient Atari2600 emulator he had written when the Olympics of the Modern Era took place for the first time. Ok, maybe not that old, but still a bit old. With this information he should be able to cook up a core for the 6507 and maybe even a 6502 which should make Mimic a complete emulator for the consoles of the 8-bit era. I would not expect to see this happen in the next release. Also, our port sniffers managed to catch some very interested e-mails from people wanting to know about the HWC file format. Maybe we see some cool developments from third parties as well which would definitely be awesome!
This report was very exciting and came in close to the edition process of the Rumor Mill. Virtua Fighter emulator Virtua may soon not be a Virtua Fighter emulator but rather more than that. Yes Kayamon, we caught you testing "Manx TT" and "Virtua Cop" on your emulator and saw those checks go through as well! What we could understand from his drawings was that the inputs on these machines were different and once that's mapped correctly, it should make the games work, minus the polygons of course. That still remains as the major barrier there. What I hear is that Kayamon is starting to get some interesting ideas on how to get them emulated at a higher level... Hmm... Maybe I didn't phrase that correctly... I mean he could High Level Emulate them... get it?
Well this is more of a tease than a rumor but Quinntesson has been by far the best one at keeping his work hidden from our agents. We have even sent money to his school advisor to see if he would let us in on the progress. And the most we could get was that while we wouldn't be told what it was, we should expect some *VERY* nice additions to Ages in the next release, and if not, the one after that. We were promised more details in the coming weeks, so maybe I can mention what these nice things are in the next Rumor Mill.
Well peeps, that's all I have for this edition of the Rumor Mill. If you didn't understand that Cancer bit in the middle of it, ask Dorsola, he might help you clear that one up; or just pop into the EmuViews Chat from time to time, as that is where it originated from. Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this edition of The Rumor Mill. Qmeister signs off!

One Article Up: Dreamer is the name...
One Article Down: Visual Boy 1.4.6!

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Name: uzplayer Posted: Friday, September 22, 2000 - (8:34)
Subject: JoseQ!
Gimme some pics of that cocktail cab plz! kthx

- uzplayer -

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Name: SonicX Posted: Friday, September 22, 2000 - (0:05)
Subject: HanaHo
and how about Brazil, they should have representatives all over the globe!!!

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Name: yoyo37 Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2000 - (16:27)
Subject: rumor mill
I believe ever since the Rumor Mill came back NeoRageX has only been mentioned once.....with their secret code thing about the next release. If there is anyone who can dig further and tell us any info on the next release, it is you Jose! Please, send your secret spies out to uncover what going on at the NeoRageX camp! I look forward to the next Rumor Mill.

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Name: Visuatrox Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2000 - (6:44)
Hmm I'm planning on buing a arcade PC. the problem is though that the shipment to sweden would cost a fortune. hell they should have special rebate for non US customers :)

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Name: Love42 Posted: Friday, September 22, 2000 - (9:43)
Subject: Re:
>Hmm I'm planning on buing a arcade PC. the problem is though that the shipment to sweden would cost a fortune. hell they should have special rebate for non US customers :)

I too would love to buy one, but shipment to Sweden is
expensive. I do love my hotrod SE, but a cabinet
would be even better, as long as I'm confident that
the delivery will be swift and secure and not too expensive :-)

Add my vote for special rebate for non-US customers.


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Name: DaemoN Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2000 - (6:43)
Subject: virtua
you caught us ;)

I'll be posting more information on shortly, but what I can say right now is that Virtua Cop does load, but it only works till the insert coin screen. Manx TT doesn't seem to work properly and richard hasn't figured it's controls yet, so let's give it some time :)

There is also a new dump floating around, Daytona USA. The bad news is that it seems to be badly dumped or somewhat mislabeled, since the program roms don't have proper data :(


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Name: Jose M Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2000 - (5:48)
Subject: HanaHo II
And what about an european company marketing those fine products ?

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Name: quattro Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2000 - (2:50)
Subject: HanaHo
hmmm... I wonder how asian like me is buying some HanaHo products without paying huuge import+shipping cost *sigh*

maybe a asian (singapore/japan) representative / HQ? you read this HanaHo?

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Name: Chrono Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2000 - (2:46)
Subject: nice one (again:)
well as last week i barely have enough time to read this before i have to go to bed.. I really enjoyed this weeks RM though. I'll see you in the Chat!


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Name: Stein Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2000 - (1:05)
Subject: getting a little creative? :)
I like it!! 00Q? hehe


7 more days and counting...

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