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Jagulator Alpha Release! - September 30,2000 by JoseQ
RelaityMan has made an official release of his work in progress Atari Jaguar emulator, Jagulator. You can download this alpha version from the Emulator Download Page. You can read a lenghty statement about this release at Emugaming, which basically states that the emulator will continue being developed and more releases might come out if the community is patient and understand. He also would like to make it clear that the average public understanding of who he is, is distortioned and should be a bit better now that this public release exists. The statement is also included in the readme.txt file. It doesn't play any games, but hey, it's a start. Check it out.

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Name: Snejs Posted: Monday, October 2, 2000 - (3:57)
Subject: Why I code ?
This IS too much.

I'm not an author of an emu, but I feel sorry for the emu-authors today.

I don't think Realityman does this so he can play Jaguar games. Nor does he do it so YOU can play Jaguar games.
I think he does it because HE wants to try his own coding-abilities and learn something new about the Jaguar as a piece of hardware.

When he releases something I think he does it because he wants to show people it's possible, to inspire other coders to try the new ideas and make better/more emus/programs.
NOT because somebody screamed that they wanted to play game xxx or yyy.

I'm a coder myself (RTOS + JVM), but you don't have to be one to understand how crappy it feels when somebody looks at you like you're a piece of sh!t when you're trying to help.

I envy Realityman and all other emucoders on one subject: They got the ideas to make it work and the balls to stand up with YOUR sh!t.

So next time calling a software you get for free a piece of sh!t, try to make one yourself.

Over and out.

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Name: Loiosh Posted: Sunday, October 1, 2000 - (21:38)
Subject: Kain: Don't talk like an idiot.

According to you, it's 'stupid' for an emu author to say that he'll do something if the community treats him right, because the community isn't a 'big corporation', and can't be expected to follow 'rules'.

That's about the stupidest, most selfish-minded thing I've heard in a long time. It shows exactly what's wrong with the scene these days.

WE are the community. Us, the people downloading these emus and writing on these boards. Why should we have to be 'a big corporation in which each member respect a rule' to treat emu authors properly? EACH OF US IS PART OF THE COMMUNITY. It's the responsibility of each of us, as individuals, to treat these authors right. If people out there -can't- be civil, then it's an author's right not to share his work.

If you want to be angry with someone for being 'stupid' and ruining it for the rest of us, don't blame the authors. Blame the lamers--they're the 'stupid' ones, the ones that take with both hands and give back nothing but abuse. No one -makes- them write the 'crappy email'. They -know- that if they do, authors may give up and stop working on their emus. AND THEY DO IT ANYWAY. You're so selfish, though, you'd rather blame the authors for not releasing the emus you want, instead of blaming the ones that are really responsible, the ones that disrespect the people that make the scene possible in the first place, even though they -KNOW- exactly what might happen as a result.

Next time, maybe you ought to think about these things before you speak.


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Name: Anthony Posted: Monday, October 2, 2000 - (3:08)
Subject: Re: Kain: Don't talk like an idiot.
>You're right, but you simply cannot stop the lamers. There is nothing you or I can do to stop some idiot from mouthing off. If it stops someone from developing an emu, or even shuts down the entire emulation scene! (if it were possible), so much the better because abusive lamers are vandals that like nothing better than to know they've had a negative affect on something. Kind of like virus programmers. If everyone were sensible and adult about things there wouldn't BE any viruses. But there is a healthy population of idiots out there making sure it will always be so. The same goes for abuse, if you stick your head up, someone will have a go at you. Realityman should know, the community can be as nice as nice can be, but we can't protect him from abuse. You just need to laugh it off and realise that person doesn't know what they're talking about anyway, and probably is some 13 year old kid with no friends.

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Name: BisH Posted: Sunday, October 1, 2000 - (19:37)
Subject: is it stupid
I think you all lost the point of the release. Basically the only reason it was released was to stop the idiots talking rubbish about the poor bloke. Yes it does not do anything playable but the damn thing works so far isnt that enough?

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Name: PacMan Posted: Sunday, October 1, 2000 - (17:13)
Subject: Jagulator
I wouldnt waste my time downloading an emulator from someone who keeps you hanging for months and then pulls the plug Relaityman dont say things you cant back up

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Name: Ca'pn Spankey Posted: Sunday, October 1, 2000 - (12:31)
Subject: Arr!
The ca'pn be in agreement with ya, also what is the point of a public release that doesn't play any roms, that be down right silly

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Name: Kain Posted: Sunday, October 1, 2000 - (7:10)
Subject: That's stupid
I think that's stupid to say "yeah, I will do it if the community is nice with me".
Whot can stop someone to send any crappy email ? The community is not a big corporation in which each member respect a rule. We don't know each other.

Oh well...

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