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RockNES to do the net? - December 27,2000 by JoseQ
A very nice and exciting update coming from the RockNES Website today! Alexandre, the guy in charge of the windows port, has been working on Network play for RockNES, improving the sound, video and inputs to perfect quality. There is a note explaining that the release date for all this is unknown. While all this is happening, the DOS (original) version by Fx3 is still under development. Definitely worth a look for the future.

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Name: Cap'n spanky Posted: Friday, December 29, 2000 - (13:00)
Subject: arrrrr
Now don't tell me it can't be done cause I know it can, the emulator was abandoned but that guy had some games running on it, among which donkey kong and alot of otherstuff! I just don't know what is supported cause I couldn't find it, I think emu authors are too busy worshiping dreamcast and digital cameras to care about what some people want, if someone made an NES emulator for PSX I would be VERY happy as would other people, instead they are all like "Woohoo I got such and such ported to the palm pilot, or woohoo I got dreamcast to run in my wood burning stove!"

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Name: Cap'n Spanky Posted: Thursday, December 28, 2000 - (14:38)
Subject: Rocknes for PSX?
I want Rocknes for PSX, that would be nice! then I could put my NES into storage, I got too many NES carts all over the place, and having them all on the PSX would be groovy! why is it that noone makes emulators for PSX? I'v seen ONE made back in 1997 that runs some nes games, but it's in japanese...I had it translated and it still doesn't tell me what games run, are there any other emulators that run on PSX if ya know of any email me at

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Name: Dorsola Posted: Thursday, December 28, 2000 - (23:11)
Subject: Re: Rocknes for PSX?
Most likely because in order to make a playable emulator for the PSX, (a) it would need to be a more powerful machine, and (b) you'd have to have your NES roms on a CD, most likely along with the emulator itself. That, of course, breaks the rules and violates the terms of the license agreements for most emulators, and is also great cannon fodder for the IDSA.

(The reason the ROM CD would be necessary is because the PSX doesn't have enough memory to store ROM images by itself, and you'd have no other way of getting them onto the system that I'm aware of. And again, the PSX isn't a particularly powerful system - it has a good 3D chipset that it relies on heavily for its games performance. That doesn't lend itself really well to emulation, though.

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Name: Spanky Posted: Friday, December 29, 2000 - (12:53)
Subject: Rocknes for PSX?
But still they said do not DISTRIBUTE roms+the emu, if you doing this as a personal collection, IE burn the CD yourself, no harm done!

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Name: Richard Posted: Thursday, December 28, 2000 - (11:35)
Subject: Haha
RockNES/MacOS has had net play for months :)

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Name: Mikey Posted: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 - (18:46)
Subject: Hey Jose Q!!
Why haven't you posted INTVdos or INTVwin yet?? Just curious. And is there an Intellivoice rom?

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Name: JoseQ Posted: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 - (23:12)
Subject: Re: Hey Jose Q!!
Sorry... this site has been under 'picky' news postings since I'm on vacation, on a slow connection working off a computer that crashes unpredictably (which also happens to be the gateway to the net).

It would have helped if I had brought my Notebook power supply with me so that I could use that one which has all my Paint programs to create new icons for new emulators I hadn't posted about before, not to mention my bookmarks and preferred programs for being online...

I should be getting a replacement for the power supply which should get me to resume normal schedule, but until then I can't post about everything I would normally post. =(


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Name: Stifu Posted: Monday, January 1, 2001 - (10:20)
Subject: lol
Why are our IP scanned, and not JoseQ's one ? :P

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