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Bleem Part II - October 08,1998 by JoseQ
Well, nothing really good to report, and I guess I can'tkeep my mouth shut, so I decided, what the heck, lets writesomething more about the FakeStation Emulator, Bleem. SinceLance McKay of EmuXpress was kind enough to post all thespecs of the emulator as they were originally released andthen hidden, I will further analize this awesome emulator.I admit the posting at Emulation Unlimited also helped, but I justhave to warn my readers.
If you have read through the specs of this emulator,you might stumble upon a line that reads "Stereo Full Motion Audio (CDXA) (Yes, bleem can also output CDXA as 8-bit only, or Mono instead of Stereo for further speed increases!)". Well Full Motion Audio doesn't ring a bell inmy Dictionary but CDXA does, and obviously there's no relation. CDXA is simply put, the option to include Audioand Data in the same disc. Thus giving the potential ofplaying real CD Quality Audio while you're playing a gameon your Playstation. Those familiar with mp3, like Mr. Bleemright there, know that if you play an 8bit track, or Monomp3 file, the load on the CPU is lower, because there issimply less information to work on. Now, when your CD playeris playing Audio, it just doesn't go through your CPU. Nowwhy would you go through all the trouble of converting CDAudio to 8 bit, or monoarual sound? You would need to firstrip the Sound from the CD into a file, convert to 8 bit orMono, and then play it? When the CD can do the audio playingall by itself? Yeah next time I want to save some timebefore listening to my CDs, I will rip it, convert to 8bit,encode into mp3 and then listen. I'll have "Stupid Shortcuts for $200 please".
Now I would like someone with MPG decoding experience to help me with this one, but I don't think you save anytime decoding a Color Encoded MPG into a Black & WhiteImage? I think we come to the same thing as the CDXA, firstyou decode, then you display. If you want to change it fromcolor to B&W, then you add a part of the process right there. I'm not an expert on this subject, but this makes alot of sense to me.
Finally a couple of words to the Fox. First, don't take it toopersonally? I didn't connect you to Bleem, I barely said itseemed weird how you kept getting shots and images , and that I couldn't see the connection between you two. Don't get all rowdy on that.
Now, speaking of respected sites, I feel honored that a Fake emulator author didNOT contact me about their emulator. If they had sendstuff to me, I'd know they have labeled me as gullible.I now know they didn't know about JoseQ's EmuViews or didn'tdare try to fool me. I feel respected enough. Othersites didn't say a word, but you labeled as real withoutthinking about the consequences.
How is it going to look if the emulator is real? Wellif you look through a telescope, all the planets will bein line, probably we see a couple of comets fly by, andthe Virgin Mary will be seen telling us about the SeventhSign. AND, I will be happy we finally have a good PSX emulator. Now, what you didn't think. What if thisemulator is indeed fake? What if they use as a sales pitch of a PSX Emulator for$20. Fully Working, as shown on Emulation Unlimited. Howmany people do you think will skip this "great offer"?Bleem faker will be rich, a lot of people would have wastedmoney, all because you decided to post informationwithout verifying its validity. I do have a responsibilityto my readers, and it is to warn them. It looks fake, becareful, and certainly don't spend 10 cents on it, unlessyou know for certain it is real and it works. Words like"Complete", "Fully", "Fast", "100%", "!!!", "Perfect", "ALL"are rarely seen on our Hard Working Emu Author documentation. We got all of those in this description.Doesn't that make you think a little? Be warned.

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Name: APE Posted: Friday, February 9, 2001 - (23:17)
Subject: Yah
Good thing all this was wrong.

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Name: f Posted: Monday, January 17, 2000 - (6:43)
Subject: f

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