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The Bleem Incident - October 08,1998 by JoseQ
Ok, it seems I need to do some clarification. JoseQ's EmuViews,as the name implies, is a site about Views and perspective about thehappenings in the Emulation World. Hence, the articles posted here, aremerely opinion based, wether mine or from third party authors. Not beingdirectly working in many emulation projects, I cannot state for afact everything I write, but only tell the tale from my point of View. So far, everyone washappy, until I showed my opinion on Bleem.
Apparently in every sentence I mention Bleem I need to also includethe word opinion, think, thought and many other Views related words.I cannot mention however the words I have gotten thrown at me becauseof my articles, because I would have to kick myself out of SpeedHost.Com foroffensive language. But here are some other points that need to be clear.
First, I didnt mean to bash on Emulation Unlimited. I just said thatthere may be a connection since they kept getting screenshotsof Bleem. I also said that I couldn't see it though. This was anopinion. I did not mean however to accuse them of being connected andthat they were making it up. I also mentioned that they posted the news asthey received them. I may have also been shooting back at the EmulationUnlimited owner for some previous grudges. I apologize for that. My apologies to Dave, the newsguy, if I had any grudge, it was with Fox. All that is over though.
Secondly, Tratax of PSEmu Pro fame, has contacted me rebuttingmy second posting on bleem. I have to be honest, and it is my opinionthat somehow Tratax is a little biased from his experiences, the same asI am with mine. His previous experiences being seeing marketingexperts change spec lines so much getting to the point that sometimesthey don't make much sense, and my experiences being the all too knownCapXtra fake emulator. Tratax finds nothing technically wrong with them.I have to agree. Nothing in there is impossible, but to me, not somethingpeople will do. In theory, too many things are possible. And I am veryinclined to think it will be PSEmu or Psyke the first ones with a good,fully working,PSX Emulator. Heck, there are still talks about Donkey Kong still notbeing emulated faithfully, let alone emulate a much more complexconsole.
Tratax explained some technical information about how MDECdecoding could be accelerated via B&W only playing, and how CDXAaudio might be accelerated using monaural sound. He thinks it is technicallypossible and his word on the subject has a lot more weight than mine.
The Bottom Line Of My Opinion is: If Bleem is not fake,it will not be with the specs they claim. It will not run on Softwareonly drivers, at 50FPS on a P166 using high resolution. Not evenx86 coded games run that well. No matter if the reason is that marketingchanged the specs or it was trying to hype it, if Bleems lives, it wont liveto that set of specs. So something has to be wrong. In my opinion, I stillthink this is just another scam, and a good one at that. The challengestill stands, send me the beta.

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